Carbohydrates – training support

Carbohydrates are sugars, otherwise known as sugars or saccharides.These are organic compounds that contain, among others, hydrogen and oxygen.Occurring in the world of plants are produced in the process of photosynthesis, in the world of animals they are produced by themselves.Carbohydrates are high energy compounds.

    Carbohydrates - action and role

    Carbohydrates provide energy and although they are not recommended in slimming diets due to their high caloricity, they play a very important role in the body, so we should not forget about them.First of all, as we mentioned, they are the main source of energy. Secondly, they are fuel for the brain and red blood cells.Thanks to them, fatty acids are oxidized. They are the building block for all cellular structures along with protein and lipids.They are a source of many vitamins, minerals and fiber.

    Types of carbohydrates

    We divide carbohydrates into simple and complex ones. The simple ones are called monosaccharides and include glucose, fructose and galactose as well as sucrose and lactose in the form of disaccharides. Complex are called polysaccharides and include, among others, starch found in potatoes andcereal and legumeproductsas well as glycogen, which is a reserve material in animal tissues. Composite sugars also include fiber that is so important in the diet of every human being.

    Where we can find simple carbohydrates, and where we can find complex carbohydrates?
    Where we can find simple carbohydrates, and where we can find complex carbohydrates?

    Carbohydrates as pre-workout supplements

    Among the pre-workout supplements available on the market, we can distinguish many of them and so used mostly Carbo, Dextra, Isotonic, Vitargo and Waxy Maize.Each of these nutrients has a different composition and also acts on the human body.When deciding on a specific one, first of all, the dosage should be applied to the manufacturer's recommendations.Each of them is undoubtedly a good supplement to trainings, everyone supports the operation of other preparations, influences the development of muscle mass and contributes to the body's performance during training.

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