The best pre-workouts – Ranking 2018 NEW!!!

Stimulation, strength, focus, and maximum pump!

Among the hundreds of pre-workout products we divide several species – products with a delicate operation, with alittle content of caffeine, creatine, AAKG, and beta alanine. Then more complex supplements, containing large amounts of caffeine, supprted by tyrosine and norvaline, having both arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and citrulline malate.

What if it's still not enough for us?

Then, with the help come true hardcore supplements containing agmatine sulfate, geranium or alpha-yohimbine. The new very potent substance in buisness is DMHA which is often used as a replacement for geranium because of it legality. They are products of the highest quality, manufacturers’ beading. The use of this type of preparations allows not only to do a good workout, they enable us to exceed our limits!


Keep in mind that a large range of pre-workout products contain substances not tested or harmful.

A common phenomenon among manufacturers is adding substances that cause maximum stimulation in the first batches of products, however, these are preparations not available for sale or causing side effects.

In our ranking there are only proven and the most effective products from reputable manufacturers. The supplements are confirmed by quality certificates of manufacturers.

Preworkouts can be grouped in 4 groups:

1. Classic all-purpose pre-workouts

1. Kraken

Kraken - this is unique combination of ingredients with the highest efficiency. Suitable agitation is provided by synergistic combination of DMHA, caffeine, and Eria Jarensis extract. Ingredients strengthening the muscle pump provide the right comfort of workouts. With this product, you always perform a good workout!

2. HyperMax

HyperMax  - this is a new, transformed version of the popular pre-workout of PERFORMAX. Used before training it helps improve performance during it, strength increase, and long-term energy allowing to train harder and longer.

3. 5150

5150 - this is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements. It has only the strongest stimulants that will exceed your limits during training! It contains zero unnecessary fillers, only effective active substances.

4. Mesomorph

Mesomorph - a legendary product from APS, generating enormous energy and willingness to train. The old composition with the most important active substances is a guarantee of success in the development of muscles, and an enormous improvement of strength.

2. Blood pump accelerators - NO-Boosters

1. Noxious

Noxious a highly efficient pre-workout aimed at making your blood vessels extremally visible. At the same time Noxious doesn't contain any stimulants, so it can get your muscles pumped even at night!

2, Agmatine

Agmatine- it's a products for everyone who ever said, that single ingredient cannot be as effective as complex preworkout. Here you are wrong kiddo! Agmatine is comprehensive measure of a recognized brand on the market. An absolutely innovative active ingredient (agmatine), will allow you to discover a new definition of "muscle pump"!

3. Noxivol

Noxivol- who said, that NO-Boosters has to be used only before gym? You want to show your muscles before mates at laboratory work? Then Noxivol is an answer for you! Extreme Nitric Oxide-Boosting formulation, with addition of brain boosting ingredients? Count me in!

3. Endurance improvers

1. Unbeatable

Unbeatable - want to make your endurance unbeatable? Then use... Unbeatable! Special ingredients combination called PeakO2 will do the trick in increasing your VO2 Max! Addition of energy improving ingredients (not sitmulants!) will also make it a very flexible supplement

2. Endorush

Endorush - a new line of pre-workouts from well known BSN, created specially for fight sports adepts (Remember that BSN is Sponsor of McGregor, so they had proper testing material!). With this one, hitting will be more satisfying that whole after-training rest!

3. Endur3

Endur3 - still fresh after premiere, perfect pre/intra-workout booster. Electrolytes, amino acids, mineral complex, and special ingredient for more effective oxygen metabolism. Definitely worth checking!

4. Extreme Pre-Workouts - only for Advanced!

DISCLAIMER - below, we are showing only the most effective formulations, which should be used only by advanced sport adepts

1. Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg - our current, and undoubtable king of pre-workouts. We can say that for a long time, there was no product, with such an interest from our customers, than new formulation from known Apollos Hegemony. An combination of DMHA and Yohimbine is just nuts!

If you are looking for new dimension of "training" - Blitzkrieg should be at your supplementation shelf A-L-W-A-Y-S. End of thread!

After Blitzkrieg we could end that list, really... But - everybody love some other choices, doesn't we?

2. Jack'd Up

Jack'd Up - formulation from veterans of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (is there anybody who doesn't know them?) Theirs products are always somewhere on top, or close to that, in every ranking of energizing products. Nothing strange here! Unusual forms of creatine, stimulating DMAA-Caffeine-Schisandra blend, and reputable brand! Everything what we need on gym is here!

3. PWO-Max

PWO MAX - a not well known underdog of our list. But is it bad? Definitely notWe've tried an can or two of it in our team, and it do the trick! Nervous system improving blend (DMAE-NALT-Choline) is helping in side effects of stimulants (Caffeine and DMAA complex), so if you are prone to side effects, this one is for you!

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