Morning gymnastic – why should you do it?

Morning gymnastics are light exercises performed in the morning, preferably immediately after waking up. They are simple to perform, short and bring satisfactory results. Popular stretching the body just after waking up is just one of those exercises that can put on your feet better than a morning coffee. Is it worth including in your plan? What are the additional advantages? What should it look like? Morning gymnastics - is it worth using?  

Morning gymnastics  

Morning gymnastics are simple and light exercises performed best just after waking up. It is worth to introduce these exercises into your own rhythm of life, because they bring amazing results and have a number of advantages.

Advantages of morning gymnastics  

  • Morning exercises are designed to activate our body after an overnight stagnation, that is, stretch muscles and joints and start the skeleton
  • These exercises stimulate the entire body to work, often work better than the dose of caffeine
  • During gymnastics, a hormone of happiness is released, which is endorphins, which promotes well-being and positively sets us up for the rest of the day
  • Morning exercises support our concentration and increase concentration
  • It help to burn body fat

Disadvantages of morning gymnastics  

These exercises do not have flaws in themselves - only bad performance can be traumatic. You need to know how to perform the given exercises, and choose them for your person, that is, take into account the injuries and diseases.

The effects of morning gymnastics  

Morning gymnastics primarily has a positive effect on

  • well-being (increased secretion of the happiness hormone);
  • better blood supply to the muscles;
  • concentration and focus;
  • it speeds up the metabolism and, as a result, it causes more effective burning of fat tissue. It is proven that better results during weight loss can be noticed by doing exercises in the morning, because then the glycogen level is reduced and this fat tissue becomes a source of energy to be burned;
  • causes a feeling of lightness and agility for the rest of the day.

Set of exercises - morning gymnastics  

Morning stretching does not have to be complicated. Just a few basic exercises that will put us on our feet. We can do such gymnastics

  • at home, e.g. on a mat, on a carpet;
  • in the open air as a supplement, eg running, cycling or Nordic walking;
  • at the gym - using special classes or independent exercises.

Morning slimming exercises  

Such exercises include all types of cardio training, swimming, running, cycling, nordic walking, tabata, cross trainer, etc. It is important that these exercises are not performed on an empty stomach. It is worth drinking at least ⅓ cup of juice, eg currant, before exercise. For the effect to be better, these exercises should last a minimum of 30 minutes.

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