Cardio trening – not as bad as its seems

Cardio is often associated with very boring and long training, which does not always bring the expected results. This is not a fact, although some of the gym athletes may disagree. Is traditional cardio really not so good? So what would you do to make this workout attractive? Turn up the combustion and learn about 5 ways to diversify your cardio training. This will allow not only to improve the efficiency of exercises, but also to increase the joy and improve well-being.

Does cardio training have almost immediate effects? Many people think so.

Usually, it is the first 2-4 weeks of running, cycling or other activity that brings us the greatest weight loss. Unfortunately, as in the case of other workouts, the body adapts to the set requirements, and the previous effort ceases to be a challenge.

For this reason, it is necessary to introduce numerous variations that will allow you to overcome training stasis. It is also a way for the metabolism to work much more efficiently, e.g. if you choose an intense anaerobic effort in exchange for a long-lasting aerobic effort. The selection of intervals will not only save you time, but also ensure increased energy consumption up to several hours after the end of the exercise. Burning and cardio training has a lot in common, but you need to know how to practice, so that the training brings the best results.

5 Ways to spice up cardio training

Cardio training at the gym is often limited to continuous running on the treadmill.  Meanwhile, monotonous activity is not only boring, but also ineffective. This leads to stopping the progress, and in some cases even to worsening the results. Diversifying your workout will make different cardio-type metabolism and guarantee effective reduction of body fat.

In addition, a wide range of sports will improve coordination, increase the range of movement in the joints, and avoid neglecting the muscle parts.

Discover the recreational ways to cardio

All ways to train cardio - related to the activity that you can do with your friends - are a combination of pleasant and useful. By choosing a bike ride, playing football, basketball and volleyball, as well as exploring the area with Nordic walking poles, you do not even think about burning calories. I am also happy about the fact that for a long time various activities have been going up the stairs, riding a bicycle, evening walks are a recommended form of movement, it is more popular and builds healthy habits. An active lifestyle will bring even more benefits than a few dozen minutes spent on the treadmill. That's why there is nothing to spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym!

Group classes

If you're tired of exercising on the treadmill or elliptical trainer or you lack motivation to complete the plan, it's worth going for group classes at the gym. Spinning, fitness, functional training, crossfit - they guarantee mutual motivation and extraordinary effects. The leading coach will keep the pace even when you would like to let go. Variety of cardio in this way is enough to create a caloric deficit.

Comparison of changes from baseline between groups for cardio-respiratory fitness. Source:
Comparison of changes from baseline between groups for cardio-respiratory fitness. Source:


Modify your intervals  

Once you have convinced yourself that interval training is more beneficial than a long-term aerobic effort, you must realize that just like in strength training, changes must take place in it. These are the ways i.e.

  • shortening breaks,
  • change of exercise devices,
  • increase / decrease of load,

They will "shock" the organism and force further changes on it that will lead to adaptation. Even the most effective interval program - performed invariably for a long time - will cease to bring results. Therefore, modify your intervals!

Cardio element in strength training  

Weight training enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that cardio does not have to be associated with running.  Systemic, demanding effort will be achieved by using peripheral or calisthenic training.

It is also good practice to shorten breaks between sets and to perform faster repetitions with a load adapted to the chosen pace - so that the movement is performed with the correct technique.

Use tabata

Tabata is a demanding, very intense training program aimed at reducing body fat. In fact, these are only 4 minutes of exercise.

During the training, we make subsequent movements for 20 seconds, separating them with a 10-second break. The tab is dominated by general development exercises such as burpees, squats with jumps, sprints in place, push-ups.

A short but complex infographic regarding Tabata training!
A short but complex infographic regarding Tabata training!

Seems simple, or even trivial? Use the tabata and turn up your burning.  

Cardio can have many variants that we often forget.

Sometimes it seems that the only alternative to the treadmill is a stationary bike and a cross trainer. Meanwhile, both winter and summer sports will support our way to the dream figure. Introducing changes in traditional cardio training, or using group activities, guarantees achieving the goal.


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