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Natural diuretics – get rid of water!

Slight shortcomings and the lack of recent cuts in the figure often result not from excess body fat, but excess of accumulated waterin the body that gathers under the skin and conceals the results of our work.

It’s common during the period of body fat reduction, especially if the diet is characterized by low caloricity. Then, the levels of cortisol - a stress hormone that is aimed at mobilizing energy, are also very large, which also leads to the accumulation of fluids in the body.

The solution to this problem was discovered long ago by participants in body sports, who are preparing for the competition: reach for diuretics - agents that are diuretic and remove excess water. Unfortunately, in bodybuilding it’s common to use pharmaceuticals that can have serious side effects. Below is a list of the 4 best natural diuretics, which are also very effective and safe at the same time.


  1. Dandelion
  2. Nettle
  3. Horsetail
  4. Green tea extract


The dandelion varieties have been used for diuretic purposes for more than 2,000 years, both in Chinese and Indian medicine. In these cultures, healing properties of the liver and kidneys were attributed to the dandelion. Even today, its use is recommended by doctors to fight hypertension, which is possible due to the increased excretion of water in the urine. It has also been proven that its high doses have liver regenerative properties, because their consumption helps remove toxic substances from the body.

Dandelion is a very strong diuretic, probably the most effective of all natural products, according to some sources even matches pharmaceutical diuretics, but does not lead to negative effects of exhaustion of minerals.

In a study by Dr Bevine Clare, 17 participants consumed the dose of dandelion given by scientists. On the day of intervention, participants reported an average of 14% higher fluid excretion. This is a big difference, which can lead to a visible difference in the appearance of the body even after one day of use.

Due to the effectiveness of the dandelion, it’s added to many slimming aids. A great example is Trizer, which combines the power of a dandelion with another strong diuretic - nettle - and by the way has ingredients that stimulate metabolism and mobilization of body fat.


Nettle is a plant characteristic of the regions of Europe, Asia, northern Africa and North America. Like dandelions, it has a long history of use for medical purposes. According to many scientific publications, nettle has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory effect, and, consequently, cleanses the body of unnecessary metabolic products and toxins.

This effect of nettle is possible thanks to many active ingredients, among which are beta-sitosterols, quercetin, rutin, campeferol and scopoletin.

The diuretizing properties of the nettle are scientifically confirmed. In one study in which 20 mg / kg of nettle was used, a significant increase in the volume of excreted urine was noted. The result was even comparable with the group receiving furosemide - a strong drug with diuretizing properties.


Equisetum arvens grow in large quantities in Europe, North America and Canada. It’s a descendant of a larger plant that grew on the ground about 300 million years ago. Like the first two, horsetail was widely used in folk medicine.

Thanks to the nutrients contained in it, horsetail can improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails, combating swelling and oedema. However, it’s famous primarily for its unique proportions of flavonoids, phenolic compounds and mineral salts, thanks to which it has a diuretic effect and helps get rid of excess water.

A study published in 2014 compared the effectiveness of field horsetail extract versus the placebo group and the group taking Hydrochlorothiazide - a diuretic drug. The chart below shows that the horsetail produced very similar effects to a strong drug, and even slightly better!

Green tea extract

Green tea is sometimes presented as the highest standard of nutrition. It helps to speed up metabolism, promotes fat burning, and at the same time takes care of the intestinal microflora. Most of these qualities are due to the high content of flavanols - strong compounds known for their antioxidant properties.

Real green tea does have a long list of benefits, and among them there is also diuretic action. Green tea stimulates the kidneys, leading to a greater elimination of fluid from the body. It’s worth noting, however, that a cup of green tea, even if properly brewed, may contain too little active substances to have a significant impact on the figure. The finished extracts, which are a more concentrated source of flavanols, are much more effective.

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