Pain in wrists – diagnosis and tips


Many people doing workouts at the gym complain of pain in the shoulders, elbows or wrists. Usually this is a consequence of poor training technique, lack of care for joint mobility or lack of regeneration, which sums up as an overload condition manifested by inflammation and pain. Interestingly, these states may be associated with the beginning of our biokinetic chain, where the thickness of the grip bar will affect how the wrist joint, elbow and upper limb are positioned biomechanically.

Pain in wrists - overview

The training tip, which can bring relief to people suffering from joint problems such as in exercises such as push-ups on handrails, is using a thicker neck in its gripping part.

Many people use the increased cross-section of a neck in PULL exercises, where it will play an element that increases the level of difficulty. Rows with a

You can always use some supporting equipments at the training. For example, lifting hooks from Trec, which will stabilize your wrists.
You can always use some supporting equipments at the training. For example, lifting hooks from Trec, which will stabilize your wrists.

thick bar, deadlift and pull-ups are exercises that will force you to involve your hands more effectively, and thus the participation of the arms in training will also gain importance.

However, when we use barbells based on a much larger cross-section than the standard Olympic Bar in PUSH type exercises, it may turn out that our problems with the wrists, elbows or shoulders suddenly cease to exist. Squeezing the bar down, push-ups on handrails or squeezing sitting on the machine are exercises in which we mainly use this type of solution.

Why is the use of thick grips working?

Everything goes into the element of pressure of the bar/neck on the hand, when the smaller section will exert more pressure, which in the case of people who tend to be hypersensitive will give increased stress not only in the wrist joints, but also elbows and shoulders.

Thicker cross section will make the pressure of the neck be placed on the larger surface of the hand, so the pressure will be much smaller and it may be more comfortable. The use of a thicker grip can be used as part of the training, or we can use this type of solution as a base when the relief during thick grip exercises will be significant.


The use of a thicker grip gives us the opportunity to reduce the stresses resulting from the pressure of the neck on the hand, which in the case of people with wrist problems should result in an improvement in the quality of training. Pathologies within the hand can also affect the position of the elbow joint, as well as shoulders, which can be eliminated in the case of the larger grip area during the first training

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