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The heaviest workouts are not able to provide us with the expected results unless we combine them with a well-balanced diet. The main ingredient in the diet that is responsible for building muscle mass is protein. People who are interested in muscle progression should ensure that they receive the optimum supply of this macronutrient. Today, we will present some important facts about protein supplements to you, which may be necessary in a bodybuilding diet. We compare the isolate and protein concentrate, and we will try to dispel doubts about what supplements are worth taking after a workout.

Keep in mind, however, that protein supplements are only a support to a well-balanced diet and are not capable of replacing high-quality, well-balanced meals!

  1. Bioavailability of protein nutrients.
  2. How much protein will we find in the supplement
  3. Price of protein supplements


  1. Bioavailability of protein nutrients.

Protein nutrients are divided according to what criteria we consider. From the angle of origin of protein, we have three types: whey (protein milk), vegetable proteins (e.g. soybean, rice, peas) and animal proteins other than milk (e.g. eggs). Wheat proteins are the most popular and we will focus on them today.

Scientific studies clearly indicate that it’s the whey protein isolate that is digested and absorbed faster than the concentrate. The isolate factor of the isolate is 159. Assimilation of the concentrate is definitely slower. It depends on the composition of the protein and the accompanying substances, but in general the isolate is more easily digested and absorbed by our body.

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  1. How much protein will we find in the supplement

Although both the concentrate and the whey protein isolate come from the same source, the percentage protein content of these products is different. In isolate the protein content reaches up to 95%, while in the case of the concentrate ranges between 70% and 80%. This difference is due to other forms of production of the mentioned preparations.

Considering the protein content of the isolate and the fact that it’s definitely better assimilable than the concentrate does not surprise anyone, the fact that it’s an isolate is more frequent and more likely to be chosen by bodybuilders. It’s perfect especially after a workout, when we have to nourish our tired muscles in the shortest time possible.

  1. Price of protein supplements

There is no clear answer to whether the concentrate or protein isolate is better. Both first and the second form of nutrition has its advantages. Nonetheless, those who rely primarily on building lean muscle should reach for the isolate. It contains less fat and carbohydrates.

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However, we know that the price of the right supplements is of great importance. And here comes the concentrate, which is a cheaper option. People who cannot afford the isolate without hesitation, should go for the concentrate. With its help, you will also achieve the desired effects and replenish protein deficiencies in the diet (which, as we know, is not so hard!).

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