Simple ways to strengthen your immune system in winter

Soon we will miss the sun and the holidays. The coming autumn and winter time is a time when we have to deal with rainy weather, cold evenings and high rates of infection for various types of diseases. Today we can think about how to protect ourselves from frequent illnesses and enjoy being healthy in the worst of times.

Simple rules - great effects

Lack of movement and unhealthy diet, which is much easier in winter, are conducive to weakening the body. In the summer we enjoy more sport and spend time outdoors. We are more eager to take care of a healthy and balanced diet, and a large convenience is available on every corner of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

After the holidays our body is rested and ready to act. Seasonal products, physical activity, and a high dose of sun have strengthened our immune system. Can we do something else to prepare for the winter?

Do not give up the good habits!

A healthy and strong body often does not even realize that the infection is going on inside, because it works well with them and it quickly fights them. If once in a while you get a runny nose, that’s a good sign: the fight is going on inside. However, recurring infections means that you should take care of your immunity. Maintaining good habits and introducing new ones will prepare your body for the worst. First and foremost, do not give up on what works!

Regular physical activity

Do not forget about physical activity when it gets cold and rainy outside your window. Harden your body, go for walks daily and do not bury your bike for the winter. Be active and your health and energy will not leave you.

Appropriate proportions during the day

A tired, overworked and stressed body is susceptible to infection. Make sure to find time to rest, relax, do some of your favourite activities that increase endorphin levels and increase your effectiveness. It is very important to have adequate sleep.

Healthy and balanced diet

Diet is the basis of health and vitality. Delivering foods rich in vitamins and minerals will strengthen your immune system and help you survive the hard times. Try to buy seasonal vegetables and fruits, from certain sources. This will help you avoid products that are chemically stained.

Avoid addictive sugar!

Avoid high sugar, sweets and candy. They impede the intestines, reduce our immunity, and delay the healing process during illness. They do not bring anything good, and a temporary improvement in the well-being of chocolate will bring much more harm than good.

Natural probiotics for healthy intestines

Pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, carrots, cauliflowers and even celery. There are plenty of healthy options to help with intestinal work. It is an ideal portion of vitamins, but also a natural probiotics that regulates bacterial flora in the intestines.

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