Training diary – is it worth to make one if you are training Street Workout?


Street Workout and training diary

Some people laugh a little at those who run a training diary.  What gives you that, you write everything? Will you be stronger? What is a training diary? Every sportsman, whatever discipline he is interested in, should keep a journal. It can be a general notebook or, for example, a poster hanging on a wall.

It's a bit old school way, because people nowadays prefer to write everything in Word or Excel. I have something similar to the journal, but without overdoing. You will find there more new training methods with a weight than a conspiracy for individual muscle parts.

What will you achieve by running a training diary

What is the point to keep a training journal? First of all, this small detail will give you motivation. Creating notes from trainings also needs to be able to lead - analyze each training and draw conclusions. By running a training diary, you will regularly conduct trainings. When you start to record your progress, you will also motivate yourself.

Everyone wants to develop constantly. And this journal will be proof that you are doing everything right and progress. Something like this appears in your mind, I want to go to the next training session, then to notice the progress.

You can always use electronic training diary, for easier training tracking! You always have a phone under your hand, haven't you?
You can always use electronic training diary, for easier training tracking! You always have a phone under your hand, haven't you?

The diary will allow you to closely monitor your health.

You will be able to compare your mood on the current Sunday with the previous one and of course make a proper summary in favor of the body. There is another, in my opinion, very important factor. The diary is making up the regime of the day, which is now very much lacking in the youth. Time for rest, training, meal, learning - there is time for everything. I highly recommend this system to beginners. The good habits that the human character is based on are built up.

Sow you'll think, you'll get action; you sow action, get a habit; you sow a habit, get a character; you sow character, you will get the future.

Intuition - a method for experienced people

Training according to intuition - at the very beginning I want to tell you that such trainings require perfect cooperation with your body. The sense of the body, how they work on it, typically strength or endurance training. How do you feel after eating various meals, with more fat or carbohydrates. Such a feeling requires long years of training.

If at the beginning you devote a lot of time to analyzing the state of the body, saving everything after training in the journal, then after some time you start to be aware of such concepts as regeneration, intensity of training. You will decide for yourself how to train, how to organize a workout, which exercises to add and which to exclude.

Intuition - the ability to make the right decisions, bypassing indirect events. Each athlete should be able to rationally arrange a workout plan. That's why we need experience that we get through regular training. Yes, you can train according to intuition, but that does not absolve you from the obligation to stick to your own rules. I do not have a specific training schedule or hours.

Training can be spontaneous, if it happens, remember about it:

  • warm up well
  • spend a lot of time warming up your shoulders
  • do training with multi-joint exercises
  • do not stand on your hands on tired shoulders
  • you also have to remember that the body is not a trash and try to nourish healthy
  • sleep 7-8 hours

Such trainings can only be performed by experienced people. Beginners can bring more harm than good. Anyone who is just starting out should step on their own, step by step, how muscles develop and how the training works. Therefore, you have to train carefully, keep a diary and read relevant sports literature. Even the best, after many years of training, sometimes bury in notes, recalling different training techniques.

Training diary - summary

I wish you to survive to this moment when you will be able to feel your body so well. I had the opportunity to talk with a bodybuilding trainer and a former player - I was shocked how this man can work with his body. He said, for example, that when he wakes up in the morning, he looks at the figure as he looks, how he feels and knows what he must eat for breakfast. This can not be described, you just have to listen. We wish you luck in training!

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