Woman at the gym for the first time – where to start?


In the era of developing fashion for being "fit" many women decide to take regular physical activity, most often they are fitness or swimming pool. Unfortunately, still a few ladies find their place in the weightlifting zone of the gym, not realizing that strength training can work wonders with a female figure.

Nowadays, fitness clubs and gyms are competing in acquiring new customers. The variety of activities organized in such places can make you dizzy. We can find classes for beginners, for seniors, energetic Zumba, spinning and even CrossFit marathon classes in almost every fitness club. Women who decide to start their weight loss journey and improve their figure become faithful fans of group activities. It rarely happens that the first contact with the club ends with a stay in the weights zone for the ladies.

Is the gym for women?

The prevailing stereotype that men practice mainly in the gym makes the ladies more eager to choose fitness classes or exercise with the trainer in front of the TV. It should be noted, however, that no fitness classes will firm your female body as effectively as good strength training will do. The fear of excessive muscle growth in women is completely unjustified, and the burdens raised by women can only help to burn fat and delicate body sculpting. The body of a woman is not naturally capable of muscular hypertrophy, and bodybuilding silhouettes observed in bodybuilding magazines are the result of long-term training and support of dietary supplements and often also forbidden doping agents.

Women at the gym - how to overcome fear?

Ladies often say that they are afraid to visit the gym because of how they will be looked at by the surrounding people. The most often cited here are the lack of skills to practice on special equipment, fears of showing their imperfections and the advantage of men in the gym. However, it should be remembered that people wanting to improve their figure practice in the gym and nobody is surprised by the perspiring body.

It can be concluded that women deciding to train at the gym arouse respect and admiration among the rest of the gym's regulars, due to their self-determination in pursuit of their dream body.

In overcoming fear, it can help to bring your friend, partner or family member with you. Joint training will certainly be more pleasant and will allow you to relax during the first few visits to the gym. Regular training is addictive, so next visits to the fitness club will certainly no longer be filled with fear and uncertainty.

Most of the gyms provide care of a trainer, who may also be helpful during the first visits at the gym for a woman. He will show us the club, explain how to properly perform exercises and choose the appropriate training plan.

The above arguments should encourage women to overcome the reluctance to exercise in the gym. A friend's company, a comfortable, non-binding outfit and coach's advice will make women feel comfortable in the weights zone and will quickly see the positive effect of strength training on the body and frame of mind.


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