Effective slimming – 10 commandments on how to effectively lose weight


Effective slimming is real art. Most of us have many diets and attempts to lose weight. Even if we managed to lose weight due to limiting calories, usually kilograms lost during the diet returned. So what can you do to make weight loss long lasting? Here are the ten commandments that will make slimming more effective.

Process, rather than action

Effective slimming requires a little more effort, but the results may surprise you. It is worth applying the following recommendations on the basic principles of weight loss. Perhaps at first they will seem difficult to implement. However, it will soon become clear that new habits will become your second nature and you will not be able to imagine returning to your old diet and lifestyle. It is worth remembering losing weight is only half the battle. When you lose weight, you need to get your body used to the new weight by keeping it for months. This way you will make trimming much more difficult. Remember this, when in euphoria after getting off the weight showing the ideal number of kilograms you will want to reach for something that you have not eaten, fighting with fat. Here are the 10 commandments of effective weight loss.

  1. Slimming is a process that should be planned for a long time

Most diets, especially very extreme ones, are mainly based on water loss. After them, the body quickly returns to its former weight. They only make sense if in a few days you need to lose a few centimeters at the waist to fit in your favorite dress and look good at the big ball. On the other hand, when you use it too often, the yo-yo effect wreaks havoc on your body, and makes you fat more and periods of non-eating slow down your metabolism so that subsequent attempts bring worse results. Therefore, it is better to talk not about the diet, but about changing the diet and the whole process to plan for many months to prepare for slow weight loss and periods when, despite the efforts, the weight will not twitch.

  1. Slimming will work if you eat small portions, but more often

It has been scientifically proven that eating the same products in two meals a day can lead to weight gain, and in five meals - to weight loss. This is due to the fact that your body, accustomed from almost to periods of hunger, is trying to make reserves for a rainy day in the form of fat so disliked by you. Two meals a day is a signal that food supplies are running low and it’s time to prepare for the fasting period. However, by eating small portions four to five times a day, you give your body to understand that there will be enough food and all energy can be safely used for current needs, and even reduce previously accumulated reserves.

  1. Effective slimming is eating five meals a day

Eating a small breakfast and afternoon tea in the form of small meals has one great advantage: it prevents greater drops in blood sugar, resulting in hunger. And because you eat more hungry, your dinners can exceed the prescribed limits and stop weight loss.

  1. Losing weight will be thought out and effective if you plan meals

Thinking over what you eat tomorrow is a great way to follow a diet and not eat fattening stuff. It will allow you to plan meals eaten at work (and prepare them in advance), make a shopping list and get used to regular meal times. Thanks to this, you won’t be forced to eat in fast food, because you forgot to take something to work, and you’ll also be able to easily control what and how much you eat throughout the day.

  1. If you lose weight, focus on food during meals

This does not mean, of course, that meals should be eaten in solitude, silence and concentration. However, it is worth giving up eating in front of the TV - too much interest in the program may end up with a small sin in the form of toppings, or dessert with chips or sweets. However, it would be good to eat meals on small plates (then the portion will seem larger), bite them thoroughly and, most importantly, compose them so that they are tasty. Only people with unusually strong will can only eat for months what they don’t like.

Proper diet plan is the basic!
Proper diet plan is the basic!
  1. During slimming, drink about two liters of unsweetened liquids a day

Preferably still non-carbonated water. Why? Fat is broken down with the help of water and without water there is no slimming. Of course, you should give up all sweetened beverages, and the light version, sweetened with sweeteners. True, these drinks are not caloric, but this does not solve the whole problem. Sweeteners, even those without calories, cause insulin to appear in your body - the mechanism of its secretion is coupled with a sweet taste. So, our blood sugar drops and there is a feeling of hunger. So even though the drinks themselves are low in calories, they make you eat more.

  1. If you are losing weight, read the labels of the products you buy carefully

Don’t be fooled by advertising and producers’ assurances that their products are organic and healthy. When shopping, it’s worth remembering that the light category has not been precisely defined and can mean something completely different for a skimmed product, either with a lower amount of sugar or a low calorie. So let’s check what you actually eat. And remember that skim products often contain so much carbohydrates that they won’t help you lose weight.

  1. Exercise will support weight loss

Burning fat is the fastest with not too much effort. Experts talk about the march slow enough to talk without breath. Maybe it is worth at least part of the way to work on foot? 10,000 steps is not much, but repeated regularly gives really visible results.

  1. If you are losing weight, try to stand more and sit less

Stand at least ten minutes every hour. This is another way to get some movement. Important for all those who spend most of the day in a sitting position. To stimulate metabolism, all you have to do is not sit on a tram or bus, stand up, or calmly wait at the bus stop.

  1. Indulge yourself with little sins while losing weight

Slimming is a long-term process. You can’t always follow the rules without exception. There are great family celebrations, important outings or just meeting friends. Let yourself go crazy from time to time and eat something fattening. In the first months it can be one meal a week. Take advantage of this gate at a grand dinner at your grandmother’s, a business dinner, or just eating a pizza you have long wanted. One meal (but it can only be this one!) Will not ruin our efforts and will put us in a good mood. And this is probably just as important as proper nutrition.



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    Nishil Prasad

    This is awesome tips about weight loss.I really like to read your blog because in your blog very clear information mention. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.

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    While I think this is great advice the “scientifically proven” instance of 5 meals vs 2 in rule 2 is not actual repeated in other experiments. Repeated experiments show that meal frequency doesn’t matter in terms of weight loss and the only factor that matters is total calories.

    The only argument would be that increased meal frequency that includes moderate protien (approx 20-25 grams) has protien sythesis benifits which with increase muscle retention and even hypertrophy which will overtime will help increase metabolism. Which you could argue could lead to an increase in fat loss. But that would include an increase in mass through muscle gain which is why for total weight loss calories is all that matter in a 24 hour time frame.

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