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Protein praline – a delicious sweet snack

Everyone will love these pralines! As someone who loves sweets, I could not resist not sharing this recipe with you. These are my favourite chocolate pralines. You can freely modify the taste by using a different tasting protein. Strawberry has a strange taste, but raspberry, vanilla ice cream or coconut tastes heavenly.

You can also prepare them in form of bars, you can also use the silicone mould and give them their own shape depending on your preference.



Dissolve peanut butter and coconut oil in hot water bath. Add cocoa and the supplement and mix thoroughly. Gradually add the flour to make the consistency dense so that it will allow the shapes to keep form. Put the pralines in the freezer for 30 minutes. In addition, you can decorate them with bitter chocolate or desiccated coconut, I’ll leave the creativity to you.

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