#3 Supplements review – Vitamin D3& K2MK7 from Apollos Hegemony

Vitamin D3 is one of the most popular supplements nowadays. The geographical location which is the condition for the sunlight raysangle affection and the number of days in the year when we can enjoy it are not too favorable for the level of this vitamin in our system. Of course, there are still many variables which will not be discussed here.

In another article on this topic: The benefits of vitamin D3 supplementation have been indicated by the reference ranges for its level:

When going to the laboratory for vitamin D testing, it is important to pay attention to the 25-hydroxy level of vitamin D, i.e. calcidiol, in your blood!

  • below 20ng/ml or 50nmol/l means that we have a large vitamin D deficiency
  • less than 30 ng/ml or 75 nmol/l means that we are still deficient in D3
  • the range of 30-50 ng/ml or 75-125 nmol/l is the optimal level for humans

The guidelines from 2013 speak about doses of 800-2000 IU per day, and in special cases (significant obesity) to 4000 IU. In turn, the definition of daily maximum doses says about the range of 4000-10,000 IU. So the key question is: How to choose the optimal dose of vitamin D3?

The answer is simple - check the level of calcidiol in the blood - then adjust the dose depending on the result.

nmol/L** ng/mL* Health status
<30 <12 Associated with vitamin D deficiency, leading to rickets
in infants and children and osteomalacia in adults
30 to <50 12 to <20 Generally considered inadequate for bone and overall health
in healthy individuals
≥50 ≥20 Generally considered adequate for bone and overall health
in healthy individuals
>125 >50 Emerging evidence links potential adverse effects to such
high levels, particularly >150 nmol/L (>60 ng/mL)

Source: Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board. Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D. Washington, DC: National Academy Press, 2010.

Which vitamin D3 should you choose?

A main guest of our today's article!
A main guest of our today's article!

Television, advertising banners and newspapers bombard us with information about which product with vitamin D3 is the best. The priority palm has so far been held by medicines due to the credibility as to the amount of active substance such as Vigantoletten 1000. This is the turn of things that the diet supplements have recently reversed. One of them is Vitamin D3 5000 IU, whose composition was verified several months ago: Supplements Review #2 - Vitamin D3. The same active substance, the amount confirmed by research, remains the economic factor. For 2000 IU in the form of a Vigantoletten drug, we will pay: 73 cents, and in turn for the vitamin D3 (in the form of a dietary supplement) less than 11 cents! The difference can not be hidden (prices on 29.11, doz.pl and mz-store.pl).


Subsequent studies of dietary supplements.

In the environment of dieticians, specialists in the scope of supplementation and people who care about their health, debates on the appropriateness of using vitamin K2 as an additive for D3 have been going on for a long time. We will not bid here for research on whether it is worth it or not, but we assume that yes - it is worth eating these vitamins together. Buying two different supplements can be problematic, such as the selection of K2 dose against D3. Complemented supplements come with the help of a precisely matched ratio of one to the other. And here we are heading to the hero of today's article - Vitamin D3 & K2mk7.

Completed studies of the composition of this dietary supplement clearly showed - the amounts of vitamins D3 and K2mk7 declared on the label are comparable to the contents of the capsule!

  • Declared amount of vitamin D3 - 4000 IU (100 μg) in a capsule - test result - 3806.5 ± 12.9 (IU), i.e. 95.2 ± 0.3 (μg)

  • Declared amount of vitamin K2mk7 - 125 μg - test result - 148.3 ± 5.6 μg

The most common fear in relation to dietary supplements is that the actual content of active substances in the capsule will be much lower than declared on the label. In the case of AH Vitamin D3 & K2MK7 discussed here, we see that the deviation of vitamin D3 content is in the range of 5%, which is a very good result. In the case of vitamin K2, it can be seen that the actual content of it is even larger than assumed, by producer! Which indicates that the producer makes sure that his supplements are effective.

The test results are very optimistic, so if you are looking for a reliable and effective preparation with vitamins D3 and K2, the Apollo's Hegemony brand is definitely worth recommending.

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