The Best Way To Loss Fat

Anyone can tell you that dropping a few pounds is one thing, but getting super hero figure is quite another. After all, if torching that last bit of belly flab were as easy as eating donuts, the donuts guy would surely be sporting a six-pack by now. The fact is, the closer you are to achieving legendary leanness, the more stubborn your fat stores become. It's really self-preservation. Your body is designed to protect your fuel reserves from running too low, just in case food becomes unreachable to you. And while that might have been a handy biological feature in the Paleolithic age, it's hardly necessary in 21st century world. 

    By learning how to fire up your body's internal furnace with exercise, you can accelerate fat loss and finish off your gut for good-revealing the chiselled muscles hidden beneath. All it takes is a little knowledge, coupled with a steady dose of physical effort and well crafted meal plan. I provide the first half of formula here; your charge is to handle the rest.

    How to lose the last bit?

    No matter what exercise you choose, there's only so much fat you can burn during 60-minute workout. Remember that the better trained you become, the more your body's exercise efficiency improves- meaning the same amount of activity burns fewer calories as time goes by. So to lose the last kilograms. Hit the weights and do interval sprints to get the most from your workout time.

    By knowing the right combination of sets, repetitions, rest periods and exercises, you can create a workout that not only burns many calories, but also unleashes a flood of fat burning hormones that speed up your metabolism for hours after you exercise. Your body's fat burning runs on high level all day long, even when you're sitting on the sofa.

    Here's how to build the perfect metabolism-boosting workout plan, step by step.

    Doing your one repetition max may make you feel like a big man, but if your goal is not looking like one, then you're better off pumping out more reps. Performing sets of 8 to 15 repetitions stimulates the greatest increase in fat burning hormones, compared with doing a greater or fewer number of repetitions. Greek scientists determined that there is no difference between doing 4 to 6 sets of each exercise. So consider 2 to 4 to be the optimal number of sets for speeding fat loss, depending on your current level of fitness.

    For example, you'll want to use the low side of this recommendation when you're just starting out, and increase your number of sets as you become better conditioned. Look around any gym and you'll find that rest periods are usually dictated by how chatty a man's workout partner is or how long people spend looking on the mobile screen. You can speed up fat loss by keeping your rest period no longer than 75 seconds. Here's how it works: Doing sets of 8 to 15 repetitions results in the accumulation of a chemical called lactate in your bloodstream.

    And high lactate levels are associated with an increase in the release of fat burning hormones. However, resting too long between sets allows to oxygen you breathe to help clear the lactate from your bloodstream. Keep your recovery time short, though, and you'll keep your blood levels of lactate, and fat burning hormones -high.

    Plan and motivation will be your best friends!
    Plan and motivation will be your best friends!

    How much you elevate your metabolism after your workout is directly related to the amount of muscle you activate at any one time. So you'll want to focus on movements that work big and multiple muscles, as opposed to those that attempt to isolate muscle groups. For instance, you'll experience a much greater boost in metabolism by performing 10 repetitions of the squat, compared with 10 repetitions of an isolation exercise, such as the biceps curl.

    Why spend more time in the gym than you need to? Each time you do a set of an exercise try to add another exercise that weren't involved in the previous movement. This method is called ”alternating sets“ and allows one group of muscles to rest while another group works, and vice versa. Benefit of this method is that you can limit your rest periods, which will keep your lactate levels high while giving specific muscles more time to recover between sets. It’s a strategy that helps offset fatigue and ensures you give your best effort to each set.

    Remember, your goal is to work your muscles as hard as possible on each repetition of each set. And that means you need to control the speed at which you raise and lower the weigh. As a general rule, try to take 3 seconds to lower the weight, and then pause for a second before lifting it. This helps eliminate the elastic energy that allows you to bounce, forcing your muscles to work their hardest on every repetition.

    Everyone knows that aerobic exercise burns calories. However, if you're already dieting -and you'd better be if you want to see your ABS -studies show that distance running does little to further enhance fat loss. Most likely this is because aerobic exercise doesen't boost your metabolism after your workout. But that doesn't mean cardio can't help: High intensity interval training- such as short sprints of 30 seconds interspersed with a slow jog- are great for accelerating fat loss.

    Use ale this tips and see how fast you can burn your fat for whole year not only for summer.

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