The yo-yo effect – how to avoid it and lose weight correctly

The yo-yo effect is a problem affecting many people who managed to lose weight. This phenomenon is about intensive weight gain, after losing weight period. It would seem that it results from an incorrect diet plan during weight loss. However, the truth is slightly different.

Where does the yo-yo effect come from?

The yo-yo effect results from improper behaviour after ending the losing weight process. What does it mean? People who want to lose weight often decide to drastically change the menu and reduce caloric intake. Often switching to such a diet simply means starving yourself. After losing a few kilos, there comes a moment when the drastic diet should be changed to a more balanced type of nutrition. Often, the amount of calories increases very quickly after ending the diet. This results in a yo-yo effect and a quick return to the weight before weight loss.

Avoid fasting - the yo-yo effect will not get you

The famous 1000 calorie diet is simply a hunger strike for our body. After such a diet, we should sure that we will get the yo-yo effect. Some people think that it can be avoided simply by not ending the diet. However, this behaviour can lead to many unpleasant health consequences, such as hormonal disbalance, excessive hair loss, bone fragility, and menstrual failure in women. The downside of such a diet is that after some time the body will simply need more food. The best way to avoid the yo-yo effect is to simply stop starving yourself.

Eat healthily

If you want to lose weight and not return to the previous weight, just change the menu for healthier one. Of course, the key to losing kilograms is to reduce your calorie intake. However, this does not mean that you must eat less. Instead of sweet snacks, just reach for fruits that provide more energy, but much fewer calories than cookies or chocolate. Carbonated drinks are better to replace with mineral water that has no calories instead. Food should be as little processed as possible and meals should be consumed in a preferably fixed time of the day. It is best to eat five small meals, between which about 3 hours intervals should be kept.

Practice - stop the yo-yo effect with physical activity!

A healthy diet should be combined with exercise. Only then you will be able to truly see the results of your efforts. In addition, we will see them faster than if we would give up on exercising. This works not only on the body but also for the mind. When what we do helps - motivation and willingness to continue your efforts increase. Physical activity will cause that no fasting will be needed and the yo-yo effect will be easier to avoid.

Be patient

Slimming requires not only work but also time and commitment. If you want to lose weight, don’t count on the effects coming after a few days. They may not appear even after a few weeks. However, if we are consistent in the diet and exercise regularly - after a month we can see the first changes. The rule is simple, the more time we take to lose weight, the lower the risk of the yo-yo effect.

Don’t be afraid of specialists

Nutritionists and personal trainers will help us not only lose weight safely but also to get out of the diet healthy. When excessive weight is to burden for you, then it is best to consult a specialist who will arrange a menu, will check progress regularly, and will also decide when it is best to change diet plan and help to do it without any harm to the body.

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