Creatine – ATP and anabolism


Creatine is a chemical compound that consists of three amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine. Its specific amount is produced by the liver and occurs in the human body. Transported through the blood to muscle cells, combining with phosphate creates phosphocreatine, which breaks down and gives energy. In addition to creating it in the body, small quantities of it are also found in pork, beef and fish. People training at the gym who want to notice significant effects need it in a larger dose, hence they are putting on adequate supplementation.

Creatine - action

The effect of creatine is very wide, especially valued among people training in gyms, wanting to sculpt the body and get the dream figure. First, creatine increases the amount of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which contributes to the formation of energy. In this way, the trainer can exercise longer and with greater intensity. Secondly, creatine allows water to accumulate in cells, thanks to which there is an increase in lean body mass, increased protein production and muscle mass increase. Thirdly, creatine removes excess hydrogen ions from the body, which contributes to the reduction of muscular acidity. Creatine is important and very important, because it gives us effective training, it allows you to notice significant results of work on your ownfigure and it also contributes to the regeneration of muscles after training, reducing the production of lactic acid in the muscles.

Creatine - chemical formula
Creatine - chemical formula

Creatine - dosage

Creatine takes place in specific cycles, during which the appropriate dose is determined. There are two dosing theories. The first one specifies that for the first five days of intake, 20-28 g of creatine is delivered daily by spreading it into portions of 5-7 grams of this compound. The second says that we should take 0.05 g for every kilogram of body weight, which is on average about 4.5 g creatine for a person weighing about 90 kilograms. Studies show that more than 5 grams is not absorbed by the body and is converted to creatinine.

Creatine stacks

Among the products available on the market, we can distinguish various post-workout creatine patches, which are highly valued in the athletes' environment. It is in them that there are the most important substances, including various forms of creatine, various carbohydrates, vitamins, as well as amino acids, micro and macroelements. The use of such stacks is of great importance in building muscle mass, in maximizing the body's efficiency, but also in rebuilding all kinds of losses. A good solution is to combine creatine with nitric oxide. On the one hand, there is a better transport of nutrients and oxygen, on the other, you get energy, thanks to which training gives you better and better results. It is worth paying attention to the rich offer, to choose a good post-workout solution out of the available products.

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