How to run properly

Running for many people seems to be a simple form of physical activity - all you need to do is run. However, the proper technique of running and breathing is a bit more complicated and is of great importance in the economy of effort. People starting an adventure with running from the very beginning should introduce proper motor habits, because it is thanks to them that training progression will be much greater. What are the effects of running? And what is the proper technique of running and breathing during it? How to start running? Check tips for a novice runner.  


Running - so-called jogging - is a form of physical activity with a fitness character included in the basic human movements. This is a really important type of movement. It allows basic physical activities, i.e. efficient movement. Due to the fact that it has many advantages, it is worth introducing them to your training plan.

Running and effects  

The most important effects of running are included  

  • improving the well-being and satisfaction after the training
  • improving the sense of sight
  • fat reduction
  • improvement of endurance
  • lowering of pressure and resting heart rate
  • reduction in cholesterol
  • improvement of the body's toxin purification process
  • reducing the risk of diabetes
  • increasing the overall immunity of the organism
  • strengthening the bones
  • cellulite reduction
  • reducing stress
  • improvement of the circulatory-respiratory system
  • acceleration of metabolism

Running and training at the gym  

Many people struggle with the problem of choosing between gym training and running. Fortunately, choosing one you do not have to give up the other and vice versa. It is recommended to combine both activities for the harmonious development of the body. Running can affect the reduction of muscle mass. Applying physical training alone - to the deterioration of the overall condition.

In addition, the use of exercises such as squats or deadlift can improve the running results. Running before strength training with the right duration, properly prepares the body for the effort, and after it can affect the reduction of body fat. The combination of running and strength training greatly influences the benefits of both physical activities and minimizing their negative effects. The best way to construct a training plan, including running and strength training, is to interweave them.

How to start running? A little cheatsheet!
How to start running? A little cheatsheet!

How to start running?  

The beginnings of running, like any physical activity, are a new challenge for the body.

  • volume
  • frequency
  • intensity

should be adapted to the current possibilities of the runner.

How to start running? What to look for?  

Setting a goal too far can quickly lead to feelings of tiredness, loss of motivation and even injury. It is recommended to use dynamic stretching and warm-up before starting the run. Such preparation will allow for more muscular work while running. People with very poor condition, for the first month should prepare for running through the use of daily hour-long marches.

Then enter a slow-paced run, also known as slow jogging. In the interest of joint health, do not run too much on hard asphalt surfaces. It is also worth taking care of comfortable sports footwear that will ensure comfort during the run.

The training effects are largely dependent on the diet. This should be rich in healthy products and adapted to the body's own needs. You should also remember about the proper irrigation of the body, because during the run the body loses a large amount of it, as a result of which it works at slower speeds.

How to run properly?  

The proper running technique - it's the right thing to pay attention to before you start your running adventure. The use of incorrect movement patterns affects the appearance and repetition of injuries or injuries. However, ensuring proper movement patterns increase the economy and speed of running. The most important rules of proper running are presented below

At each step, the knee should be bent when the impact hits the ground, and the lower leg should be flat to the ground under a straight account.

While running, the foot should be placed not too far forward. Landing on her should take place under the torso. This technique allows a safe landing on the midfoot, not on the heel.

Do not unnecessarily raise your shoulders and pull your arms inside. The upper part of the body should be relaxed, and the hands work parallel to the body, in one plane. In the proper running technique, the relaxed hands are at the hip level, and the elbows are bent at 90 degrees.

While running, the back should be straight and the body should be slightly inclined forward - through the pelvic anteversion, not due to deflection in the hip joint. Keep your head straight and your eyes should be facing you. Avoid unnecessary head bends and facial muscle tension. Maintaining a short contact with the ground at every step increases the dynamics of the run.

Benefits of running. Be sure to at least try it once!
Benefits of running. Be sure to at least try it once!

How to breathe while running?  

The issue of breathing is very important in the course of the run. Without a proper breathing technique, body fatigue occurs very quickly and the run is not economical and effective. The rules of the runner's run are presented below

  • The use of diaphragmatic breathing enables the entire lung area to be used, not just the upper part
  • Do not force your breath - the most effective course is based on natural breathing
  • During a faster pace you should breathe your mouth, because it allows a more efficient exchange of air in the lungs
  • Avoid shallow breathing

The most popular strategies for breathing during the run are 2-2 and 3-3. They mark in turn

  • in the first version you should inhale during two steps and exhale during the next two;
  • in strategy 3-3 - inhale and exhale takes place in succession during three and three steps.

Tips for a beginner runner  

A beginner runner should adapt the running plan to the current possibilities. It should not set goals too long, because they can lead to feelings of tiredness, loss of motivation and even injury. The introduction of proper movement patterns, as well as proper breathing techniques, make the run easier and more effective. For the harmonious development of the body, it is worth combining running training with strength training.


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