Why is it worth eating trout?

Poles do not eat fish often, much and willingly. Statistically, Poles eat 12kg of fish a year, while the Norwegians eat 46kg and the Portuguese eat 60kg. If Poles eat fish, they are most likely to be: Pollock, Norwegian salmon, sprat and mackerel. Our Polish trout is underestimated. It is a tasty fish, delicate and importantly, easily accessible.

Trout - basic information

There are several species of predatory fish of the salmonidae family under the name of trout. Trout are freshwater fish. In Poland we can find brook trout, rainbow trout and spring trout.

For consumption purposes, rainbow trout is most often cultivated. It is a fish that requires pure, well oxygenated, fast flowing water. Because of this, the fish is highly classified for low meat contamination with chemicals and high nutrient content.

The one we can most often buy in the store is a breeding trout.

Nutritional value of rainbow trout

Properly prepared trout is a great alternative to lean meat in the diet.

It has delicate, lean meat. It is a low calorie fish. 100g of rainbow trout is about 160kcal, including almost 19g protein and about 9g fat.

Trout delivers the most valuable omega 3 in freshwater fish.

For comparison, 100g of salmon provides 2860 mg EPA / DHA, mackerel 1750 mg, herring 1290mg, and trout 2360mg. It's very much like freshwater fish. In others we find much less of these fatty acids, for example, carp contains 160mg / 100g, and perch 25mg / 100g.

Trout is a fish rich in protein, B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, D, E, selenium, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.

An idea for a trout

Trout can be prepared using hundreds of recipes.

The least calorie and easy to digest are baked, steamed and grilled trout.

Fish tastes best with fresh herbs. Vegetables like peppers, onions and zucchini are also great.

We can also fry the trout. Remember, however, that it will increase your caloric value.

In conclusion, fish should be eaten at least once a week. Because of the fatty acids content, it is best to choose greasy sea fish or just trout. Rainbow trout, which is still freshwater fish, is characterized by moderate energetic value and particularly high content of omega 3 fatty acids, and therefore certainly deserves frequfishent consumption.

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