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Potassium is one of the most important elements present in the body. It is responsible for maintaining the water-electrolyte balance and acid-base balance in the body and protects against excessive fluid retention. In addition, it activates several important enzymes.

Potassium is found in many widely available and frequently consumed products – tomatoes, bananas, and potatoes are an excellent source of this element. Nevertheless, potassium deficiencies are quite common. This problem applies especially to physically active people because heavy sweating is associated with large losses of potassium and other electrolytes.

Potassium has a beneficial effect on the condition of the heart and circulatory system. It works great in people with hypertension and heart rhythm disorders. It may also reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, it is essential for the health of the nervous and muscular systems. In addition, it promotes the improvement of bone mineral density and protects against osteoporosis. Potassium deficiency may interfere with the transformation of glucose into glycogen, which leads to muscle weakness and decreased muscular capacity.

Potassium is synergistic with many other minerals, which is why in addition to typical mono-preparations, our offer also includes supplements with potassium, enriched with other elements.


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9.97 $

Perfectly absorbable magnesium and potassium in capsules, enriched with the active form of vitamin B6.

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6.81 $

A high dose of potassium in an easily absorbable form. Supports the functioning of the cardiovascular.

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Potassium Out of stock
4.47 $

Dietary supplement containing potassium citrate. Supports the functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

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Now Foods
from 7.63 $

Potassium regulates the pressure and water balance of the body, and support the work of the heart.

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Now Foods
11.83 $

Perfectly absorbable potassium citrate powder. It cares for water-electrolyte balance, and prevents fluid rete

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Now Foods
10.26 $

Potassium supports electrolyte mineral balance and nervous system.

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Potassium + Iodine Out of stock
Now Foods
12.62 $

Potassium Plus Iodide supports thyroid function and promotes electrolyte mineral balance.

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Now Foods
15.52 $

This product have been formulated to help support healthy heart, muscle and nerve functions.

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Jarrow Formulas
9.20 $

The formula improves water-electrolyte balance and helps maintain a normal pH in the body.

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Optimal Potassium Powder
Optimal Potassium Powder Discontinued
Seeking Health
18.15 $

Lime flavored potassium powder. It supports normal blood pressure, cardiovascular health, muscle contractility

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