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Adapto-Fuel Adapto-Fuel 60 caps.
18.71 $

Adapto-Fuel 60 caps.

From 3 units only: 18.34 $ / Units. -2%

Shipping weight: 150g
18.71 $With VAT
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  • Composition based on the most popular adaptogens
  • Standardized extracts for the content of active substances
  • Enriched with, important for the nervous system, L-tyrosine
  • Contains the strongest available on market ashwagandha KSM-66®
  • Facilitates adaptation to unfavorable conditions
  • Helpful in periods of excess stress
  • Prevents from negative effects of chronic stress
  • Reduces anxiety-depressive symptoms
  • Recommended in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Improves the organism’s regeneration process
  • Increases vital forces level and energy
  • Strengthens the immunological system
  • Promotes homeostasis of HPA axis
  • Reduces cortisol level
  • Tones the nervous system

OLIMP ADAPTO-FUEL is a formula composed of plants with adaptogenic activity. Among the supplement’s ingredients one will find highly standardized extracts from ashwagandha, golden root, water hyssop and Siberian ginseng, enriched with a dose of tyrosine.

This formulation increases the immunity towards stress and promotes homeostasis of HPA axis. It is recommended, first of all, to people living in chronic stress and tension, suffering from the deficit of energy and deterioration of psychophysical condition. It is excellent for athletes as well, since they are subjected to excess physical activity and loaded with too many trainings.

Adaptogens are a group of natural compounds which are in charge of organism response to stress optimization and minimization of its negative effects. They mainly include plant extracts, although some medical mushrooms are exhibit adaptogenic properties. Their huge advantage is the lack of side effects and a very high safety index.

This formulation combines in itself four bestseller adaptogens:
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a popular plant originating from Ayurvedic medicine. Its therapeutic properties are mainly based on the vitamins of withanolides. It is worth mentioning that in the composition of the presented preparation KSM-66® was placed, which is, protected by a patent, the highest quality plant root extract.

Ashwagandha restores homeostasis in the neuro-endocrine system, which results in the improvement of mental wellbeing and strengthening of psychophysical condition. Present in the root bioactive substances support serotonin management, beneficially affect the release of growth hormone and reduce the excess of cortisol. What is more, ashwagandha can also strengthen the immunity and tighten the organism’s antioxidant barrier.

Brahmi is a less popular name for the Indian plant, widely known under the name Bacopa monnieri. Its biological activity is conditioned by the presence of steroid saponins called A and B bakosides. Brahmi is an excellent mood modulator. It positively affects the activity of GABA receptors and promotes the improvement of the serotonin management. By doing so, it betters and stabilizes the mood and reduces anxiety.

Bacopa monnieri is also recommended for the improvement of brain performance and strengthening of cognitive functions. Compounds contained in the plant influence the cholinergic system. Through inhibition of acetylcholinesterase enzyme they increase the amount of available acetylcholine. It results in better memory, concentration improvement and faster rate of acquiring knowledge.

Golden root (Rhodiola rosea) is a plant originating from Siberia, rhizomes of which supply unique rosavins – bioactive compounds with adaptogenic and therapeutic potential. They relieve stress and tension, regulate the activity of the HPA axis and optimize the release of corticosteroids. Moreover, they limit the decomposition of the most important neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, and improve their transport within the brain cells even more. Due to this, it is possible to maintain a positive mood and high intellectual form, even in highly unfavorable conditions.

Golden root extracts increase the organism’s immunity towards stress, but also, which is interesting, they increase the tolerance for the excess physical effort. They beneficially influence the phosphocreatine and ATP levels in the mitochondria of the muscle cells, improve performance and regeneration process after workout. They are oftentimes recommended to athletes who force themselves and their organism with excess amount of trainings.

Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is a plant that can be commonly found in China, Russia and Asian countries, valued for its energizing and adaptogenic effects. It is referred to as ginseng, although in botanical terms of it should be qualified to a different group of plants. Eleutherosides present in the root are the bioactive substances.

Siberian ginseng is perfect for tired and overworked people. It has an energizing effect, add vigor and significantly elevates the energy level. It can also increase endurance and physical performance, which is eagerly used by athletes. Moreover, it has a beneficial influence on mental functions, improves memory, helps to stay focused.

Apart from the set of adaptogens, taurine has been included into the supplement composition. It complements the effects of this formula and provides a lot of benefits for the nervous system. Harmonizes HPA axis activity, which helps to keep proper cortisol level. It can also react with GABA receptors. In doing so, the mood is improved and the effects of stress are not as severe for the organism.

To sum up, OLIMP ADAPTO-FUEL is a perfect solution for people exposed to stress, not only mental but physical as well. This formulation helps to strengthen the nervous system and effectively protects the organism form the damaging influence of stressors. The fact that it supplies not one but several adaptogens, enhances its effectiveness even further.


Directions for use
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Container size: 60 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 60
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
Ashwagandha extract (Withania somnifera L.) KSM-66®300 mg *
of which withanolides (5%)15 mg*
Brahmi extract (Bacopa monnieri L.) 150 mg*
of which bacosides (20%)30 mg *
Rhodiola rosea extract (Rhodiola rosea L.) 100 mg *
of which salodiroside (4%)4 mg *
Siberian ginseng extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 100 mg*
of which eleutherosides (0,08%)0,8 mg *
L-tyrosine250 mg *

Other ingrednients

Bulking agent - microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agents - magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; capsule (capsule components - gelatin, dye: E 171).

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Ashwagandha (Wythania somnifera / Indian ginseng) - a plant of the nightshade family, used in Oriental medicine as a means of adding vitality, improves the psychophysical condition. It is used as an aphrodisiac. The root of the plant is a rich source of bioactive compounds (phytosterols, glycosides, withanolides etc.). The sports supplementation, herbal preparations, a positive effect on the nervous system (reduces stress, and accelerates the adaptation to changing conditions psychophysical), hematopoietic and immune systems. It has a decisive influence on the process of synthesis of nitrogen oxides and the level of certain hormones, including testosterone (e.g. improving sexual functions).
Ashwagandha (
Withania somnifera) is a component of the complex herbal supplements (as well as sets of adaptogens) increase the level of the male sex hormone (testosterone), supporting the sexual function of the body, supporting regeneration and having a calming effect.
Dosage: 300-600 mg of extract per day.



Withanolides - biologically active compounds belonging to the group of steroid lactones, occurring in some green plants. In supplementation they are perceived mainly as active substances of Withania somnifera, commonly called Ashwagandha. The percentage content of withanolides in Ashwagandha extracts is considered the indicator of the product’s quality - the higher the content, the more effective the supplement. In non-standardized extracts, the content of withanolides is estimated for 1% of dry muscle mass of Withania somnifera leaves.

Being the main active substances of Ashwagandha, withanolides are responsible for the majority of effects of its application. Regular supplementation with Withania somnifera extracts demonstrates adaptogen effect. It increases the organism’s tolerance to stress factors, holistically promoting the functions of the organism. It may decrease cortisol level in case of its excessively high concentrations, promote cognitive abilities and facilitate concentration. Supplementation with Ashwagandha also supports maintaining proper daily rhythm and is conducive to falling in a deep sleep.

Some sources also indicate that supplementation with Withania somnifera extracts positively influences the level of testosterone in the organism. Current research results indicate, however, that this effects of supplementation may be achieved only in people with initially excessively low secretion of the male sex hormone.


Bacopa monnieri


Bacopa monnieri (bacopa cordata) - a plant of the family Scropfulariacea rich in a number of active ingredients, such as bacosides (A and B), monnierasides, hersaponin, alkaloids (herpestine, brahmin), mannitol, phytosterols and flavonoids. It has stimulant properties that affect memory and concentration. It is an antioxidant and has a beneficial effect on the biological renewal of an organism. Accelerates protein synthesis and has adaptogenic effect. Willingly used by students during preparation for end-of-term examinations, in sports supplementation is recommended in the period of intensified training, during sporting competitions (rarely before an short-term exercise). Part of the creatine stacks, no-boosters and herbal preparations for increase of concentration and mood.

Rose root (Rhodiola rosea)


Rose root - (Rhodiola rosea) - due to the use in Oriental medicine, the root is also known as Golden Root. The use of preparation improves psychophysical capacity, reduces fatigue, improves mood, relieves stress and depression. It includes a variety of biologically active ingredients, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins and proanthocyanidins. In the sports supplementation extracts from the golden root are used in the period of intensive training in order to improve the resistance to overload, in cases of stress overload, for improving the well-being and accelerate post-workout recovery time. The root of Rhodiola rosea is available as mono-preparation supplements and it is a component of supplements of versatile action. In clinical trials, in the treatment of moderate depression, a dose of 380-680mg / 24h was administered, without side effects.



Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)


Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) - an Asian plant in the family Araliaceae. The raw material is the root. Siberian ginseng has the antioxidant, immune-inflammatory, antibacterial, antidepressant and anti-tumour. potential The most important substance indicating biological activity are eleutherosides, supporting the work of the digestive system, lowering LDL cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer and supporting sexual function. Siberian ginseng is one of the adaptogens, substances that contribute to the development of immunity of the organism.
In the sports supplementation Siberian ginseng is used as a booster for the endocrine, circulatory, immune, nervous system
s and as a primary source of adaptogens, enhancing strenuous training, affort at a sporting events or loads of stress. Included in herbal blends (including other varieties of ginseng), increasing testosterone levels, increasing exercise capacity (strength, endurance, aerobic metabolism), as well as it is in the composition of the plant aphrodisiacs complexes. Available at
Dosage: in sports supplementation shall be 100 - 500 mg / 24h.




Tyrosine - endogenous amino acid (synthesized within the body), one of the 22 protein amino acids building. It occurs naturally in animal food products (eggs, dairy, meat). If the deficiency, it can be synthesized by hydroxylation of phenylalanine, capable of being converted to tyrosine in the liver. It is a precursor of neurotransmitters: dopamine (the group of catecholamines, participating in the processes occurring in the nervous system, causing muscle coordination and participates in the synthesis of many hormones) and noradrenaline (counteracting stress, stimulating the heart and circulatory system, and increasing glycogenolysis and lipolysis participating in the processes of energy transformations). Tyrosine is a precursor of thyroid hormones responsible for the rate of change in metabolic processes and pigment (melanin). In the supplementation, preparations containing tyrosine are used in programs reducing body fat (weight loss), improve mood and are stimulants.
Dosage: Customarily 500-2000 mg per day.


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