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BCAA G-Force BCAA G-Force 300g
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BCAA G-Force

Servings: 300g

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  • Special formula supporting anabolic processes in muscles in a visible way
  • Limits muscle soreness and sense of exhaustion after an intense workout
  • Improves digestive and immune system functions
  • High amino acid dosage in 1 product portion!
  • Effectively inhibits muscle catabolism
  • Promotes structural protein regeneration
  • Visible improvement of strength and body composition

Trec BCAA G-Force is a preparation with high branched amino acid content. Its powder form makes it convenient and easy to prepare a fully nutritional shake. Its active ingredients comprehensively support muscle anabolic processes. The addition of L-glutamine inhibits muscle catabolism by getting rid of toxic substances accumulated during training.

Role of proteins in a diet
Every day several dozen grams of new proteins are degraded and produced in human body. These include enzymes involved in food digestion, antibodies protecting the organism against micro-organisms, albumins keeping up correct oncotic blood pressure, proteins transporting hormones or drugs, as well as proteins with many other roles. Most of them is synthesized in the liver, but it is not their only place of origin.

Structural proteins are a large protein group which is produced directly in target tissues. They support cellular cytoskeleton and their general functioning. Muscle fibres are an excellent example of this type of proteins. Many adepts of weight training wonder how to stimulate protein biosynthesis process in a muscle, which leads to - simply speaking - muscle building. They often forget that weight training is one thing, but the building block - top quality protein with complete amino acid profile - is equally important.

Support for anabolism
It is obvious that heavy training brings along many micro-injuries in muscle fibres. To regenerate them, the organism uses systemic protein poll (circulating with blood, or, in extreme conditions, derived from other body structures). Therefore, the demand for them grows, which is translated into dietary requirements.

Some of the twenty amino acids can be produced by the organism itself - they are called endogenous non-essential amino acids (NEAA). Unfortunately, there are also such, which have to be provided from the outside - these are called exogenous essential amino acids (EAA). Bearing this in mind, it is worth supplementing yourself with a top-quality nutrient containing all of them.

There is one more set of so called BCAA - branched chain amino acids, which have a particularly positive effect on anabolic processes in muscles. Many studies have shown that L-Leucine is the key element of biochemical transformations chain. Thanks to its availability, it is possible to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and in turn intensify development of new fibres. It was also observed that leucine should be accompanied by the presence of L-Valine and L-Isoleucine to make the best of the anabolic potential. Taking these three amino acids together with the rest of EAA contained in the diet boosts muscle regeneration.

Efficient regeneration
Hard work of muscle cells stimulates them to grow, but also leads to formation of new compounds in the course of separate transformations. These can be toxic in large amounts. They include ammonium derivatives produced during protein breakdown. The unsolicited compounds are removed by intracellular transamination process, which ‘sends’ the toxic molecules to the liver.

One of ammonium transporters is L-glutamine. Although this amino acids belongs to NEAA group (which means that it does not have to be supplemented), but intense weight training may exhaust the body’s resources of this compound. By getting rid of excessive harmful compounds, this amino acid supports regenerative processes and may increase efficacy of muscle work during intense effort. Synergistic action of preparation ingredients leads to even greater muscle mass development.

What is more, glutamine is a compound which is a source of metabolic energy necessary for proper functioning of leukocytes and enterocytes. This may result in improved immunological capacity of the organism, for example not catching a cold. It also indirectly supports absorption of substances crucial for muscle tissue development.

To sum up, Trec BCAA G-Force is a preparation which increases intensity of anabolic processes in muscle cells to their maximum extent. What is more, thanks to glutamine, it inhibits excessive damage of muscle fibres by accumulating toxic substances. By taking this supplement you can visibly improve your weight training results and - in turn - your body composition.

Directions for use
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Container size: 300 gServing size: 10 gServings per container: 30
per portion (10 g)amount%RDA
Branched Chain Amino Acids5000 mg-
of which L-leucine3500 mg-
of which L-Valine1500 mg-
of which L-Isoleucine500 mg-
of which L-Glutamine2000 mg-

Other ingrednients

Maltodextrin, acidity regulator (citric acid), flavors, sweetener (sucralose), coloring agent (beta-carotene).

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Leucine is an essential amino acid, one of the three branched chain amino acids, ketogenic, its isomer is isoleucine. It affects the secretion of anabolic hormones (insulin, combined carbohydrates), acts on enzymes (mTOR) starting the process of muscle protein synthesis and controlling its course. Protein synthesis by leucine is affecting the development of bones, muscles and skin. It reduces the fat tissue. Without the availability of leucine, protein synthesis is impossible. It naturally occurs in animal products (such as eggs, meat, dairy and fish), plant origin, and as a post-training supplements, BCAA, EAA, no-boosters, creatine stacks, carbohydrate supplements. Ir is also in the form of mono-preparation supplements. It is one of the most important amino acids for the athlete's body, basically in every sports discipline.
Dosage: The demand is 5-10 g / 24h, dosage pre- and post-workout and in the morning after waking up.




Valine – is a branched essential amino acid, indispensible for the functioning of the nervous system (receiving of sensory information), involved in muscle protein synthesis and energy generation. Administration of additional doses of valine before exercise (or immediately after) has anti-catabolic effect, protecting the proteins and allowing them to rebuild. It is slightly stimulatory (delays symptoms of fatigue during workout), affecting the level and relations of neurotransmitters. It helps to protect the liver. It stimulates an increase in strength and muscle mass, participates in the reduction of body fat. BCAA, EAA, and other mixtures of amino acid supplementation, protein and protein supplements and carbohydrate-stacks, brings positive results in strength and endurance sports.
Valine deficiency can occur in case of increased energy needs of the body,
as the result of stress and too much stress load.




Isoleucine is an essential branched amino acid (BCAA), leucine-isomer. It has anti-catabolic action ( protects muscle against decay), glucogenic (an alternative energy source when the level of glucose after exercise decreases, helps for the regulation of blood glucose levels, reduces the deficiency of fatty acids), anti-catabolic (muscle protects against decay), reduces stress. It participates in the synthesis of proteins (including the synthesis of hemoglobin). It is an essential part of the regeneration of damaged tissues of the body, and after intense training. It occurs in products containing animal protein (meat and dairy products, eggs, dairy products) and plant (almonds, walnuts) and dietary supplements.
Isoleucine is applied with other branched chain amino acids: leucine, valine, and in the supplement complex type of BCAA, in the proportions: leucine: isoleucine: valine = 2: 1: 1. The supplements used in competitive sports requiring increased strength, the bigger share of isoleucine is used.
Dosage: No standard daily use. Frequently applied directly after the workout during the decrease of the glucose level of or at fatty acid deficiency.




L-glutamine - amino acid building endogenous proteins, glutamic acid amide. In the human body it is responsible for the synthesis of proteins, acid-base balance and removing ammonia outside of the organism. With the shortage of energy taken from the muscle tissue, glutamine with alanine participate in the process of gluconeogenesis, and participate in the production of glucose substrate. L-glutamine has a direct impact on the proper functioning of the digestive system and immunity of the organism. Participates in the synthesis of one of the most powerful antioxidant - glutathione. It has anti-catabolic potential. It is found naturally in foods of animal and vegetable origin and high protein supplements. Used as mono-preparation or multi-component amino-acid supplements and supplements enhancing biological recovery after exercises, often in combination with BCAA.
Dosage: 5-20 g per day (portioned during the day, and after training and waking up). The minimum dose used in supplementation is 2-15g per 1 serving.


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