10 Rules of Fitness

Sticking to the recommendations of a healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and taking the time itself in an era of continuous race and haste often seems impossible to us. The good news is that you do not need to change everything in one minute.

To be honest with you, the trick lies in the fact that small changes are easy to implement and starting healthy life style.

  1. Do not starve yourself!

Start eating rationally. Start the day with a satiating breakfast. Eat small portions, five times a day at regular intervals. Diversify. Prepare meals  that are valuable in all the most necessary ingredients.

  1. Stop looking at the scale!

It's a myth ... Your body weight is not a determinant of how you look. I'm at the point of change in the body. My weight even goes up sometimes, but the body is slimmer and looks healthier .No matter the number of kilograms, but what these kilograms are made of - the mass of muscle and adipose tissue. Start measuring centimeters.

  1. Exercising to get fit

Find some kind of activity that will give you pleasure and joy: skate, zumba, running or swimming. Everything depends on you. It is important that you drew from this joy, only in this way you do not give up at the first hard day or feeling lazy.

  1. Take a rest day

This is a very important thing, not to be missed. Especially when it doesn't just include physical activity but dramatically changed diet. A positive attitude is essential in order to effectively lose weight. Only when we have enough forces, we are able to survive the rigors of a diet and not treat this period as a period full of sacrifices.

  1. Start with a plan

In this way, you will always find time for everything. For work, school, meeting friends and physical activity or preparing healthy meals. Good schedule is key to success.

  1. Listen to your body

Take a look at what is appropriate for you. What activity is the most effective and what  makes you happy. Did the meal make you feel saturated and light or perhaps overloaded. And maybe you should have one day off from training because your body is sore and needs regeneration. It's not just that, you have to keep observing, only you know yourself best.

  1. Drink water!

At least two liters a day, and if you exercise, drink even more. 70 percent of human body consists of water, it is, among others, conducive to getting rid of fat from the body.

  1. Get enough sleep!

Good regeneration is the key! Short sleep affects the occurrence of changes in the secretion of hormones that affect hunger. Short sleep increases hunger.

  1. Love Yourself!

Weight loss starts in your head. This is not only related to diet itself. You need to focus on your needs, consciously you decide what and when you eat. You must see to it that your emotions are positive, because emotions are the cause of overeating. Believe in your abilities and it will improve your quality of life.

  1. Take small steps while making the changes

You do not have to do everything at once to change and improve your life for the better. Make one change in your life from time to time. You will achieve the desired success. Be patient, do not give up at the first hurdle or break. Even if one of those small steps will not bring you the desired effect, do not stop. The next step will succeed, because you gained experience from the previous step.

Creating a healthy lifestyle does not have to mean drastic changes.

In fact, drastic measures almost always lead to failure. This small change will lead you to great benefits and, therefore, take these 10 commandments to your heart and start to live a healthy life from now on!

Sandra Dominiuk,Personal trainer

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