All you need to know about transformation contests

Why is that 75-85% of people who attempt a transformation contest never finish? And what’s the secret behind the Physique Artist Lifestyle that provides the internal strength to complete the challenge at hand to best of your abilities, practically guaranteeing your success?

Contest time!

The thrill of extravagant prizes provides an initial spark that ignites your desire for change. It’s the incentive (carrot) that you’ve been waiting for and now it’s dangling in front of you. It’s exciting to think that this could actually be the time you stick with the plan and finally achieve your body transformation goal.

You start your journey and focused on putting your best effort forward… almost to perfection. But then it happens. A few weeks into your transformation the initial buzz wears off and you are faced with the reality that stripping off unwanted fat while adding lean muscle takes a lot of hard work. You begin to question whether the the prize is worth the sacrifice. This is the proverbial fork in the road where you either become another victim of statistics or you tap into your inner Physique Artist and discover a driving force within you that is more powerful than any obstacle, challenge, or temptation.

For my observations, there are three main reasons why a contestant who was initially fired up to transform their body, will give up and throw in the towel.

Reason 1) Allowing your competitor’s initial successes to scare you off

There are some competitors who will go all out when they begin a body transformation challenge. They will work out and do cardio every day while maintaining an aggressive deficit. Seeing your competitors rapid results can cause an inner dialogue that will stop you dead in your tracks. “There’s no way I can compete with that.” “I can’t train that much or eat that little. If that’s what it takes I don’t stand a chance.”

You have no idea if these competitors will be capable of continuing with their strict protocol, but their initial success is enough to scare you off and prevent you from following through with your goals.

Reason 2) Striving For Perfection

There are some people who assume that in order to win a body transformation contest you will need to be absolutely perfect throughout the entire process. One little slip up is enough to fill their head with doubt.

When the heavy workload and aggressive diet become too difficult to maintain they give up rather than scale back. This is a prime example of the “all or none” approach that fails so many fitness enthusiasts.

Reason 3) It’s Easy To Quit

Quitting and justifying your reasons for quitting is way too easy. What do you have to lose from quitting? You’re not letting anyone else down are you? Who’s going to care that you didn’t finish? Will anyone even notice that you didn’t finish? If they do notice, chances are they will agree with you that it’s just too tough to transform your body. Too many sacrifices to make. It’s easier to settle in with the “norm” and just, “Live a little” while enjoying life’s guilty pleasures. Plus, if you ever want to try again in the future there will always be other contests.

The Secret behind the physique artist lifestyle

Transformation success; commitment, consistency, and character. Commitment toward continuous growth and self-improvement, consistently striving for progress in one way or another, with dedication, focus, and actions that speak volumes about their character.

To a Physique Artist, transformation contests provide another opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The process itself becomes more rewarding than final outcome. When they reach the finish line it simply marks the beginning of a new race, where once again they will put their limits to the test in their quest to become the best that they can be.

This is why there is no doubt that a Physique Artist will complete a body transformation contest. Their lifestyle is built for it. Continuous improvement is a way of life.

But even with a lifestyle that sets them up for success… a Physique Artist will utilize a few tricks to ensure they complete the challenge to the best of their abilities. They create something that’s even bigger than the challenge.

They create their own personal event that occurs on the final day of the challenge. A weekend getaway to a location with a beach or a water park is a great way to celebrate your accomplishments.

The ideal event to schedule on the final day of a body transformation contest is a photo shoot. You are going to need to take after photos anyway… so why not make those after photos the best that they can be?

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