The best preparations with vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is very often called the vitamin of the sun. It is a compound of steroid structure, traditionally classified as a vitamin, however, in the human body it functions as a prohormone.


It is formed from cholesterol in the skin under the influence of UV-B sun rays. Then, in the liver and kidneys, as a result of metabolic reactions, it is transformed into calcitriol - an active form of vitamin D, a hormone controlling the calcium-phosphate metabolism of the body.

In many tissues and cells, it binds to its nuclear receptor - VDR, controlling over 200 genes.

It interacts with vitamin A, vitamin K2 and calcium.


The most important characteristics and effects of vitamin D3:

  • promotes the process of strengthening bone tissues and stimulating muscle contraction through increased calcium absorption
  • mobilizes liver cells for regeneration after drug (steroid) or alcohol damage
  • activation of bactericidal peptides that help in a skin inflammation or problems with dental caries
  • has a strong effect on neurons by activating their regeneration processes
  • stimulation of gonadal work by speeding up production and maturation of sperm
  • affects the regulation of insulin management, which stabilizes the level of glucose in the blood
  • reduces cortisol level
  • raises testosterone level up to 25%!

On the supplementation market there are a lot of vitamins D3 with various descriptions, diverse additions, etc.

So, what to choose to take the right one?


5. XXL NUTRITION – Vitamin D3 1000 IU

Pros: - price, - capsules with small dimentions

Minuses: - only 1000IU per portion

A noteworthy product for the additional supply of vitamin D3. It may not be economical to base the supplementation only on it.


4. NOW FOODS – Liquid Vitamin D-3

Pros: - convenient liquid formula, - perfect for people who have difficulties swallowing tablets

Minuses: - small amount of vitamin D3 in a portion (400 IU), - cumbersome dosage for older people

A lot of portions, a renowned producer and an easy form of administration of the product. Cumbersome dosage for the elderly or people with sight problems.


3. SWANSON – Vitamin D-3 2000 IU

Pros: - the optimal amount of vitamin in 1 capsule, - known and esteemed producer

Minuses: - higher price compared to the competition (for the same amount)

Swanson has been providing high quality products for years. The choice of the above product is not bad, but there are cheaper producers providing the same amount for a lower price.


2. APOLLO'S HEGEMONY– Vitamin D-3 5000 IU

Pros: -  great price / quantity ratio, - the optimal amount of vitamin in 1 capsule, - softgels capsules

Minuses: - limited availability in Poland ...

Apollo's Hegemony is a company that strongly assaults the European market and slowly reaches Poland. It's a perfect compromise between a high quality and an optimal purchase price. We recommend this product!


1. NOW FOODS – Vitamin D-3 10000 IU

Pros: -  a huge dose of vitamin D-3 10000 IU!, - a well-known and respected producer with high quality standards, - 1 capsule per day

Minuses: -None (!)

This product has the highest amount of vitamin D3 on the market. Now Foods has created a giant that outclasses all other dietary supplements with vitamin D3 in the composition!


We hope that we have been able to help you choose the right option of a dietary supplement with vitamin D3. Next week we invite you to take a look at the ranking of vitamins K2 - a must-have for the preparations presented today!


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