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The Muscle Zone brand is present on the market since many years. Since it was established, ie. year 2005, it has been successfully managed by a team of young, innovative people, whose passion and hard work have been noticed and appreciated – in 2015 our Internet domain name has been acquired by the British company MZ Supplements Ltd, seeing in our online shop an attractive business opportunity on the UK market.

To take full advantage of it, also in 2015 we have opened our next store, which is located in England, in Rotherham. Almost since its operation, it has met with a lot of appreciation of British customers who are more likely to make regular purchases in our online shop, being able to count on even faster delivery of products.

The success of our warehouse in Rotherham made that we would like to open the next store abroad again, this time in Germany, in Goerlitz, what will happen soon, because in the middle of year 2019.

We are developing so rapidly, because a healthy lifestyle and physical activity is part of our everyday life, as important as the pursuit of professional success. This passion, being developed from an early age is the foundation of our company philosophy - the philosophy that we want to promote among our customers.

Our team has extensive knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, exercising, physiology and biochemistry of the human body, as well as psychology.

Theoretical knowledge combined with extensive experience allows us to provide professional support to our customers not only in the selection of supplements, workout or diet optimization, but also cater for any other needs by offering a great choice of sportswear (including specialist clothes), cosmetics and sports equipment (such as shakers and pill boxes). We would like to share with you our knowledge and show that everyone, regardless of weight, silhouette and the environment of life, can achieve a dream look, strength or physical fitness..


The company has a well established and stable position in the dietary supplements market in Poland. Thanks to the hard work of our online shop is among the leaders in the industry.

Our professionalism has been appreciated by thousands of customers. The company's position is also strengthened by wholesale. We are a distributor of world-class brands, so our offer has been appreciated by both individual and institutional customers (companies and shops), not only in Poland, but also abroad, which start a permanent and successful business cooperation with us.

We want to become even stronger, and therefore the best-stocked store in health-related products in Europe.

Our advantage over other similar shops is our air shipping offer through which we can easily compete even with companies from the United States – because of a direct import of brands such as Apollo's Hegemony, Hades's Hegemony, Olympus Labs, Performax, Killer Labs, 5% Nutrition, Jarrow Formulas, Doctor's Best, Source Naturals, Now Foods, Life Extension and Thorne Research, which we offer at retail prices that are as attractive as those in the US market.

We also participate in competitions and bodybuilding events. Athletes, who have trusted us, gain high places in competitive sports, not once taking first place.


  • Wide range of supplements from around the world at low prices
  • Wide possibility of contact us (hotline, e-mail, live chat) and unconventional professional advice
  • Speed and flexible forms of shipping goods by the most reputable package carriers
  • Permanent promotions allowing to purchase products at extremely attractive prices
  • BUY&GET loyality program
  • Free shipping option
  • Innovation and creation of new standards for e-commerce in dietary supplement industry
  • International shipping also by the most reputable package carriers


Our offer is for people aged from 16 to 116 years, who appreciate good look, physical activity and health. The offer includes products of the following properties:

  • Pro-health, often of the quality and functioning better than those in pharmacy, for women, youth, men, and seniors
  • Reducing fat tissue
  • Enhancing physical condition and increasing energy
  • Enhancing concentration, recommended also in the case of mental effort
  • Increasing the body's immunity
  • Improving the condition of nails, hair, skin, designed primarily for women
  • Regenerating and protecting joints
  • Increasing libido
  • Resulting in strength and muscle mass growth
  • Replacing meals for physically active people


If you are with us for the first time and are still wondering if it's worth to trust us and make a purchase with us, we invite you to read the independent opinions of customers who have already done this and described their experience in the following websites (just click on one of the logos below).

We do hope that these opinions will ultimately convince you, and that we will have the pleasure to serve you very soon.

Of course, also Your opinion is very important to us, so we would be very grateful for sharing it with us or with your friends.


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