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Calm with Zembrin Calm with Zembrin 60 caps.
Doctor's Best
34.08 €

Calm with Zembrin 60 caps.

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Shipping weight: 150g
No gluten

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  • Patented extract Zembrin®
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases serotonin levels in brain
  • Able to improve reaction time
  • Supports neural energy management
  • Stabilises mood and emotions
  • Helps to enhance memory
  • Improves information processing
  • Efficient dosage in one capsule

Doctor’s Best Calm is a dietary supplement containing 25 mg of a patented extract Zembrin® of the plant Sceletium tortuosum per capsule. It is a natural agent that helps to improve the mood and reduce mental stress while enhancing cognitive functions.

Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) – an African plant traditionally used because of its psychoactive properties. It gained popularity as an agent used before stressful events, such as a hunt, when it was good to reduce stress and tension to be able to focus better on tracking prey. The traditional way of using it was chewing and swallowing with saliva; these days, extracts in capsules are used the most frequently. It has been known for hundreds of years, and its activity has been confirmed by numerous scientific tests, thanks to which the plant is gaining popularity again.

Serotonin – the happy hormone
Serotonin is usually associated with happiness. The neurotransmitter is responsible for the feeling of accomplishment, blissful joy and calm. Its deficiency is common for mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or social phobia. No wonder then that everyone strives to achieve its high levels.

One of the alkaloids contained in Sceletium tortuosum – mesembrine, exhibits affinity with the serotonin transporter SERT. Blocking the transporter results in less efficient uptake of unused serotonin back to the presynaptic neuron, thanks to which it gains greater concentration in the synapse and its effects are experienced more strongly because more of its molecules activate postsynaptic receptors. A similar mechanism is used in the most commonly used antidepressant drugs of the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI); however, this product is a completely natural alternative.

Mood stabilisation
In stressful moments, we feel anxious, which can distort some functions of our bodies – hands starts shaking and thoughts racing, that way reducing the ability to focus on a chosen object or task. Such moments increase the activity of the part of the brain called the amygdala. It is one of the parts responsible for processing emotions.

As scientists report, Sceletium tortuosum inhibits the activity of the amygdala in those moments, thanks to which anxiety is less troublesome, and the mood stabilises. Thanks to that, in stressful situations we have better control of our bodies, our reaction time decreases and the ability to concentrate increases.

Procognitive component
Kanna is also known for selective phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4) inhibition, thanks to which it increases cAMP levels in cells, just like artichoke extracts or a pharmaceutical rolipram. Increased cAMP in neurons practically helps to improve cognition, long-term memory, reduce inflammations, and protect the nervous system. The mechanism improves the functioning of the brain in a safe way, being beneficial for health, unlike frequently overused stimulants.

The procognitive properties of the extract were successfully checked with various tests before putting it to use. Better test results also stem from reduced anxiety and calm, as they make it easier to focus on a task at hand when we are not distracted by fear and stress.

Herb with complex activity
Both of the main mechanisms, that is serotonin reuptake inhibition and PDE-4 inhibition, complement each other, preventing each other’s potential disadvantages and reinforcing the positive effects. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors can lead to PDE-4 overexpression, so inhibiting the enzyme is strongly advised. Thanks to that, you can experience purely serotonin-based mood improvement without the things that often accompany it, that is laziness and weaker concentration, which make normal functioning more difficult.

Blocking PDE-4 alone, on the other hand, can lead to nausea, which is prevented by its interaction with the serotonin transporter. Thanks to that, the final effect is a unique combination of an improved mood with increased cognitive functions without the need to combine many agents, but only with the help of one plant extract.

To sum up, Doctor’s Best Calm with Zembrin® is recommended particularly for people who struggle with stress and anxiety but do not want to take pharmacological drugs or allow the drop of cognitive functions, which often accompany psychoactive drugs. It is a fantastic way to reduce the somatic symptoms in various stressful situations.

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