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The first step on the way to an effective increase in muscle mass is a properly composed diet that takes into account a certain caloric surplus. Usually, this means that you have to eat a lot more than before. And although this may seem an extremely tempting perspective for many people, in practice it often turns out that regular consumption of such a large amount of food poses many problems. In addition, there are heavy training sessions, fatigue and stress of everyday life, which also adversely affect the appetite. In such cases, it is worth considering using specialized preparations that increase appetite.

Appetite stimulants most often use the potential of natural substances. Their composition is often enriched with vitamin B1, zinc, fish oil. Purple coneflower and other plant extracts containing the so-called cannabinomimetics also prove to be helpful. They do not show a psychoactive effect, but they are very effective appetite stimulants. In addition, preparations that increase the appetite are often enriched with compounds that have a positive effect on the digestion process itself. Hence, eating a large amount of food does not cause digestive discomfort or gastric problems.

Our offer comprises various appetite stimulants. We offer both monopreparations and advanced multi-component formulas.

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7.73 $

Vitamin B that activates anabolic processes. Accelerates muscle growth and improves appetite.

7.45 $

Capsules with vitamin B12 which acts as a stimulator of protein synthesis. They increase appetite.

Black Hole Out of stock
Controlled Labs
38.37 $

Dietary supplement increasing an appetite. It improves digestion, promotes metabolism, and accelerates weight gain.

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K1ng Slayer Out of stock
Olympus Labs
60.45 $

Anabolic activator in a form of capsules. Extremely strong and free of any side effect.

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