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Nowadays, probiotic bacteria are gaining recognition in social circles, mainly by reducing many gastrointestinal ailments or their symptoms. Probiotic strains of the genus Bifidobacterium are highly valued . Products consisting of several strains are preferred, thanks to which they exhibit synergistic effects.

Probiotic tests - results

SIBO and irritable bowel syndrome are the most frequently mentioned conditions that are preferred for the use of " bifidus ".

Sibo is an overgrowth of bacterial flora in the small intestine. The most common symptoms are severe bloating,

Our main guest of article!
Our main guest of article!

abdominal pain and gas even when consuming easily digestible meals. The cause of SIBO may be the wrong menu and problems with the amount of acid in your stomach. More about this disease entity and how to treat it - SIBO Diagnostics and treatment.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disease that causes severe discomfort in the digestive system. A very important factor in reducing IBS symptoms is a properly selected diet and targeted supplementation. You can read more about this disease here - IBS irritable bowel syndrome.

Bifidobacterium strains together with lactobacillus bacteria constitute the majority of bacterial flora in our body. Scientific research has shown that they represent a multidirectional, positive impact on human health. The colonization of the intestinal mucosa with these bacteria protects against the multiplication of pathogens and reduces the symptoms of the diseases mentioned above.

To effectively support the treatment process, good quality probiotics and stored in appropriate conditions should be used . Individual probiotic strains should be stored in a low temperature environment (we wrote about it here) - this is one of the main factors determining their suitability. The second one is their quantity. Unfortunately, dietary supplements are not subject, as medicines, to a meticulous procedure allowing them to be marketed, hence the risk that what the manufacturer has included on the label is actually in the capsule. We checked it out!


Bifido Forte - 24 milliards CFU result - label declaration - 20 milliards CFU
Bifido Forte - 24 milliards CFU result - label declaration - 20 milliards CFU

In the study we commissioned, for the content of probiotic bacteria in the Bifido Forte product from Apollos Hegemony , it was shown that the amount on the label is not underestimated. The label says 20 MLD CFU, while the following test result indicates 24 MLD CFU.

Comment on the results

Probably many of our readers are interested in the fact why there are more bacteria in product than the label declares. Well, the probiotic bacteria found in probiotics are not always stored in an appropriate way (we wrote about it here above), which may result in lower strain viability. Manufacturers wanting to ensure throughout the entire shelf life the appropriate (declared) amount of bacteria in the capsule, the raw material "spills" with a surplus.

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