5 exercises for unbelievable ABS

Crunches are great, but in a well-planned workout, you have to train your abdomen from different angles. Plan the plan to stimulate the entire abdominal muscle range. This will help keep it flat or keep the so-called six-pack. This training is not intended to build ankles on the stomach. Instead, it helps to keep it strong and thus helpful in various other physical activities. Get ready for a lot of sweat and beautifully sculpted belly.

  1. Attracting the knees to the torso on the training ball

Put your feet on the exercise ball, putting your hands in front of you with your hands on the ground as you would like to do a push-up. Pull up your knees to the abdomen using only the abdominal muscles, then return to the position of the support. Remember to keep your whole body taut all the time so that your back does not break down towards the ground. The benefits of this exercise are threefold. They not only strengthen the spine but also improve the overall strength of the muscles and their concentration. In addition, the need to raise your body from the ground on a moving object is an additional challenge.

  1. Tummy lying on the training ball

These are not classic, boring crunches. Raise your hands and try to touch the ceiling. You also need to focus on the feeling of maximum tension in the upper position. Placing the body on a moving ball strongly engages core muscles to work and improves stabilization much better than standard crunches. Instability is another difficulty that needs to be dealt with, which is why abdominal muscles must be tense all the time.

  1. Plank on the training ball

Place your forearms on the exercise ball with your legs out in the plank position. Be careful not to raise your back or hips too high. To increase the level of difficulty you can make a plank on one leg or add some movement by rolling the ball back and forth.

  1. Simultaneous lifting of legs and torso

The starting position is to keep the body only on the buttocks - straightened legs and torso should be up. For ease, you can support your back with your hands. From the stretched position - legs and torso as low as possible on the ground - we perform a short circuit, ie we direct the knees and the torso to each other. For the difficulty, you can make short-cuts to the left and once to the right. This is a great exercise for stabilizing

  1. Alternate touching of the toes at the feet while lying on your back

Lying flat on your back, raise one leg to a position perpendicular to the mat and reach for your toes. Put your shoulders over the mat with your arms. Then change your leg. Make sure you do not rest during the repetition. You want to keep muscle tension all the time.

Abdominal training

  1. Attracting the knees to the torso on the ball - 3 sets of 20 repetitions, a break of 30-60 seconds between sets
  2. Tummies lying on the ball - 3 sets of 20 repetitions, a break of 30-60 seconds between sets
  3. Plank on the ball - 3 sets of 1 minute each, a 30-60 second interval between sets
  4. Simultaneous lifting of the legs and torso - 3 sets of 20 repetitions, a break of 30-60 s between sets
  5. Alternate touching of the toes in the back lying down - 3 sets of 10 repetitions per leg, 30-60 seconds interval between sets
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