8 things you should eat before and after training


Training is a unique effort for the body. To properly use this time, it is necessary to eat a proper pre-workout and post-workout meal. Otherwise, not only will we not get satisfactory results, we can even harm ourselves.

Pre-workout meal

Best food before sport training. Our propositions of pre workout meal.

Why pre-workout meal is important? Is pre-workout meal necessary?

If you have ever felt in the course of the exercise that you have no strength, you are exercising badly, you have problems concentrating, you probably forgot to eat a properly balanced pre-workout meal. We advise you how not to make this mistake for the future. Remember, that is it better to eat pre workout meal, than go on training fasted.

First of all, you need to provide a lot of energy, as a result of the combustion you will build muscle mass. Your pre-workout meal must therefore not lack protein and carbohydrates. The amount of protein should be adjusted to the needs of your body (it is assumed that it is about 1.9-2.0 g protein for every kilogram of body weight). Carbohydrates also have an appropriate conversion rate, but here you should also consider your activity, the mode of spending the remaining hours of the day outside the time spent on training. Remember that carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex ones. The best idea before training is to mix up these two groups. Complex carbohydrates will provide us with a long-lasting release of energy and prevent rapid fluctuations in the level of sugar, while simple sugars will provide an additional, sudden boost of energy.

What should pre workout meal consist of?

1. Peanut butter and jelly for pre workout meal
Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein, fiber and potassium. Reach for high-end butter, which does not contain trans fats and a large amount of sugar. It will give you energy and help you burn fat during training. The jelly, in turn, is a great source of simple carbohydrates that, when consumed at a different time of the day, could be transformed into adipose tissue. Before training, however, you do not have to worry about it. In addition, the jelly contains a lot of collagen, which is the basic building block of tendons, ligaments and joints. Eating jelly increases the persistence of your joints and reduces the risk of injury.

2. Protein shakes for pre workout meal
Milk based protein supplements with the addition of oat flakes are real energy bombs. They will give you strength to the toughest challenges, and additionally they will make the body under the influence of effort will not draw energy from burning its own muscle tissue.

3. A chocolate bar or chocolate for pre workout meal
Simple carbohydrates have a high glycemic index, which makes them release their energy very quickly. You get a sudden injection of energy, which can be perfectly used during exercises.

4. Avocado fruit salad for pre workout meal
Fruits are a source of fiber and simple sugars - fructose, so their food increases our vigor and the ability to make the effort. Avocado, on the other hand, is a unique product, containing large amounts of omega 3 acids. These perfectly affect the regeneration of cartilage and skin tissue, support the functioning of joints and increase their mobility.


Pre workout meal timing. When to eat pre workout meal?

Depening on how big pre workout meal is, you should eat it 2 hours (if it is full meal, consisted of complex carbohydrates and whole protein source like rice, and chicken breast), to half an hour (if it is protein or carbohydrates shake) before workout. This is the best time to eat pre workout meal.

Pre workout meal or fasted, should you go training on empty stomach?

You should definitely eat something. If you have problems with fast digestion, consider meal consisted of source of simple sugars, and low in fats and protein like fruits.

A post-workout meal

Best food after sport training. Our propositions for post workout meal.

    Is post workout meal important? Does it even matter to eat post workout?

    It surely does. Rememeber that regeneration after training is the most important time of your training! Sounds crazy? It shouldn't. Throughout your trainig, and your exercises, you damage your muscles. That is why you feel pain after training - due to microdamages done to your muscles! You have to eat for proper regeneration, and to let your muscles grow! You will never gain muscles without eating proper amount of food. Even if you want to lose weight, and burn fat, you have to eat post workout meal. Why? That's simple. When you are in period of losing weight, your training frequency should be higher. To train often, your regeneration has to be on its highest intesivity. And to let it be that way... that's right, you have to eat post workout meal!

    So, can you skip post workout meal?

    You can, but you shouldn't. If yes, remember to make it up in the next meal. If after a workout it happens that you are weak or despite intense exercise you do not see a significant increase in muscle mass, you feel dizzy or you simply lack energy, you must analyze the caloric balance and composition of your post-workout meals.

    Your most important task after training is to provide yourself with a large portion of protein, thanks to which your body will supplement the deficiencies and will not use muscle proteins contained in the muscles. Our proposals are

    1. Salmon with vegetables
    It perfectly source protein, omega 3 and vitamins and minerals that you have certainly lost through sweating. Vegetables contain fiber, which supports the work of the digestive system and overall metabolism, so if you additionally work on fat burning, this is a great choice.

    2. Tuna sandwich
    A simple and fast filling meal. Choose tuna in your own sauce and whole wheat bread. You can sprinkle it with a bit of oil and add your favorite vegetable. Remember, however, that this is not a very calorific dish, so after an hour or two, reach for something "more concrete".

    3. Rice
    A very good source of complex carbohydrates, especially if you reach for the so-called rice. wild. Its disadvantage is that it takes a relatively long time to prepare, even 45 minutes, and you after a workout should eat up to an hour. So remember to prepare it before training. You can of course choose other varieties of rice, like basmati or plain white.

    4. Pizza with meat
    From time to time you can afford to deviate from a traditional meal. A good choice may be meat pizza. It contains protein, a large amount of carbohydrates and fats, that is everything that is quickly necessary after training. The ideal solution is to combine the pizza with a salad, for example Greek, which will help to supplement the deficit of vitamins and microelements.

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