Artificial sweeteners are curing cancer?

Despite the lack of evidence for the harmfulness of most commonly used sweeteners in the food industry, they are still notorious. They are commonly regarded as even worse than sugar. Among the opponents of sweeteners, one can often hear the argument that they promote cancer. Meanwhile, research carried out by a team of scientists from the prestigious oncology center at the Yale University points to exactly the opposite relationship.

Over 1,000 people with colon cancer were involved in the study. It is the second most popular cancer with a high mortality rate among men and the third among women. The factors conducive to its development include Dietary errors, such as too high a supply of sugars or insufficient fiber intake. The study involved people suffering from stage III of this cancer. It is a highly developed state, standing just before the last, IV. Everyone was undergoing chemotherapy.

Studies conducted over 7 years have shown that consumption of at least one 12-ounce (about 330ml) portion of a sweetened beverages with artificial sweetener reduces the risk of relapse or death by up to 46%.

Anticipating the critics' questions, it is worth pointing out that in the conflict of interests, it is in vain to look for companies associated with the food industry. This means that the research was not financed or supported by the companies earning on the production of beverages sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

Although the results of research may surprise even those who are advocating artificial sweeteners, they are definitely not the basis for making bold theses about the beneficial effects of low-calorie sugar substitutes. The authors themselves indicate that such an optimistic test result may result from the replacement of zero beverages with added sugar by the subjects. However, it clearly shows that the selection of low-calorie sugar substitutes has no negative impact on the development of cancer and is another argument indicating the correctness of such behavior.

Source 2Fjournal.pone.0199244

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