Can drinking milk be dangerous for your health?

Milk should not be a controversial topic. And yet! Moving the issue of milk in the company's kitchen can lead to a very lively exchange of views. How did this happen? Hard to say. Milk should be at least a neutral topic. In the end, this is the first thing that young mammals eat. It has been accompanying us for millennia - originally people were interested in cows just for milk. And now it is said that adults are not able to digest milk. There are rumors that dairy causes diabetes and asthma. Fattens.

Is milk really such an enemy of humanity? Let's see!

Let's start with the news that milk supports the development of diabetes.
This is a dubious theory that no research has confirmed. Like the effect of milk on the development of autoimmune diseases. These are indeed a serious and more frequent problem, but this light abuse will accuse milk of everything. Unfortunately, we are currently packing in our bodies such amounts of chemistry that the causes of disease development are much more numerous and hidden than the white drink standing in the crosshairs.

There are followers of the paleo diet.
So people who think that people should eat as they did during the stone age. The outermost ones reject the heat treatment of the food. I do not judge - maybe it will eventually turn out that they are right. They claim that milk is bad for the body because it was not consumed during this period. With time this is just a fact. Milk accompanies us "only" about 10,000 years. On the other hand, 10,000 years is quite a long period of time and for some reason dairy on the way has not disappeared from our diet. Is it possible that humanity is so reluctant that it has been drinking for about 400 generations? Perhaps, however, the diseases that occur today are rather the result of consuming highly processed food, not the culmination of a multigenerational, demonic dairy conspiracy.

There are also voices that milk is addictive.
The casomorphins appear to have had an influence on it. Scientists have found no confirmation of this theory in this case. According to them, in milk there are no substances that cause addiction. Well, maybe another voice - adults do not digest milk protein. The main protein here is casein, and this (as micelline casein) is a common element of sports nutrition supplements. Supports muscle development. Maybe it is not so bad with this protein. Unless someone actually suffers from milk protein intolerance! Then there is no mercy, the body will rebel!

Finally, there are voices that show the relationship between milk and asthma.
Or rather, the fact that milk causes excessive mucus in the body, which has a negative effect on the intestines and respiratory tract, and therefore leads to cough, cold and asthma. Here, the studies also did not show a relationship. Although scientists have noticed a specific placebo effect. People who believe that milk causes asthma after ingestion may have difficulty in breathing. The human brain is a wonderful and still unexplored creation. Sometimes, however, it works to our detriment. Who knows, maybe he is able to cause addiction to milk. It seems that you can become addicted to everything.

The studies did not show the effect of milk on the above diseases. His addictive properties have not been proven. Dairy is with us for a long time to consider him as at least harmless. In that case, should we beware of milk? There are no premises for this. In addition, there is naturally a protein in it, which athletes use in supplements. So another plus. Of course, the situation is different with people who have allergies or intolerance to milk protein and lactose. Such people can not eat dairy products and enough! The body will respond to the attack with an attack and this will cause unpleasant stomach discomfort.

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