Castor oil – a dangerous remedy!

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of a highly poisonous plant, and its valuable properties are used in both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Do you dream about beautiful hair, skin and nails? Do you want to forget about constipation? Discover the beneficial effects of castor oil!

How is castor oil made?

Castor oil is obtained from castor oil seeds, also called ticks. The plant probably comes from East Africa. Its industrial cultivation is engaged in, among others China, Brazil, India, as well as Mediterranean European countries.

Castor has gained popularity as an ornamental plant and a helper in getting rid of uninvited guests in gardens. To naturally get rid of moles, just plant a bush or two there. Although castor grows in many gardens, hardly anyone knows that such a valuable oil is produced from seeds of this plant. Few people know that originally form, the seeds enclosed in this plant fruit bags contain pure castor, whose consumption leads to death or at least to the need of the intensive care. So, are we promoting an actual poison?

In the cold pressing process, the lethal substances degrade. The next step is to heat the processed solution mixed with water. After processing there is no trace of the toxic substances. The resulting oil is sticky and thick, it also remains colourless or straw-yellow in colour.

Fresh Castor Oil
Fresh Castor Oil

Castor oil for health

Castor usage in the medicine was known on all continents. Archaeologists have found castor beans in tombs created four thousand years ago! The instructions on how to use castor oil for eye diseases could also be found in such tombs. In Rome, castor oil functioned (and still functions) under the name Christ’s hand - Palma Christi.

Due to health-promoting properties, it is recommended to use castor oil for conditions such as

  • peptic ulcers, constipation or haemorrhoids
  • headaches, fever, osteoarthritis
  • skin regeneration, removal of birthmarks, warts, discolouration
  • blemishes, burns, skin ulcers
  • tired and sore feet
  • in the form of eye drops

The most important contraindications to the procedure with castor oil are pregnancy, menstruation and laxative diets.

In addition to the aforementioned ailments, castor oil is also indicated as a remedy for constipation. The drug slows the absorption of water in the large intestine, which eliminates the problem of defecation, which in can promote weight loss.

Castor oil use is recommended as an way of cleansing the intestines of unnecessary waste and toxins. The preparation contains many valuable ingredients, among others omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E, thanks to which it does not damage the intestinal flora. It works quickly and effectively, so it’s better to stay at home on the day of the cleansing treatment.

Castor oil for beauty

Castor oil can be used in its pure form or you can buy a cosmetic with its optimal content. The beneficial effects of this oil are appreciated by people struggling with skin problems, scars, discoloration, stretch marks and wrinkles. Although this sounds unbelievable, castor oil is a moisturizing protective substance that penetrates our skin tissues deeply, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. What’s more, when used externally, it quickly removes callous epidermis, stimulates circulation and helps get rid of toxins. To achieve the best results, such cosmetics containing castor oil should be applied daily.

The castor oil contains significant amounts of omega-6 acid, which is responsible for improving the condition of hairs, and also stimulates blood circulation and its supply to the hair follicles. As a result, they gains volume and look more shiny! Hair does not shred, but begins to grow back actually. It is also recommended to combine castor oil with coconut and almond oils.

The bottle containing oil should be stored in a cool place, away from light. Although it is a biodegradable substance, outdated oil should not be disposed of via wastewater but should be taken to a pharmacy store for the sake of the environment health.

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