Diet for “hard gainers”!

There are 3 basic types of ectomorphic , mesomorphic and endomorphic construction. Determining which one we belong to greatly influences the diet and type of training we should choose. Today we will discuss the topic of diet for the ectomorphic. What to eat to have the strength and the chance to grow muscle mass?

    Ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphic?

    Our body structure has a major impact on how our body copes with excess calories and how it uses energy during physical exertion. A typical ektomorphic is a person with a slim build, long limbs and narrow arms. Its metabolism works on accelerated revolutions, which in short could be determined by the claim that these types of people have a big problem with increasing weight. The ectomorphic organism quickly acclimates to the caloric surplus and is able to utilize it (without mass increase).

    This characteristic can certainly envy endomorphics. It is a person who has a tendency to gain weight. Endomorphists often say that "they do not know what they are hiding from." The best diet for them should be based on carefully selected proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids. If the proportions are disturbed, the endomorphic gains weight. Mezomorphic is, in turn, an attentive person - with a wide chest and narrow hips with relatively averaged metabolism.

    Three basics somatotypes. Which one is yours?
    Three basics somatotypes. Which one is yours?

    Ectomorphic - basics of diet

    Each ectomorphic must remember to consume the right amount of calories, because otherwise it has a tendency to underweight. This applies to every person with this type of construction. The case looks even different if a person with an ektomorphic structure decides to gain muscle mass.

    At the beginning, let's focus on the basic principles that the ektomorfik should introduce in its life. Otherwise, the best diet will not allow you to gain weight.

    1) The more, the better

    This applies to both the volume of meals and their frequency. The ectomorphic should eat at three-hour intervals throughout the day. But avoid eating between meals at the same time. This should "force" the body to switch to nutrient deposition.

    2) Systematic

    Accustom your body to regular meal times. Over time, you will become hungry during them, which will make it much easier for you to consume more calories.

    3) Spend yourself and do not stress

    Not sleeping affects hormonal fluctuations that you are particularly vulnerable to. Thyroid hormone is very active in you, which increases body temperature and affects the mood. Any stressful situations make you lose weight automatically because your body uses more energy. Avoid this.

    4) Carbohydrates and protein are your friends

    The low-carbohydrate diet is absolutely not recommended for the ectomorphic. It will make sure that it will not have energy, and may even cause drastically weight loss. The same applies to protein.

    Ectomorphic - diet for muscle mass

    The mass-building ectomorphic must necessarily make an energy balance and compose your daily meals according to the following pattern

    1) 45-50% carbohydrates

    2) 30% of proteins (up to 3 g per kilogram of body weight of an ectomorph!)

    3) 20-25% fat

    The average ectomorphic with a mass of less than 70 kilograms should be consumed by practicing even more than 4,300 kcal per day.

    Ectomorphic focused on building muscle mass should avoid processed products, lacking vitamins and minerals and rich in simple sugars (sweets). This type of energy surplus his body will put down in the form of body fat, and exercise will not bring anything here, because the body will burn energy on a regular basis, and not having anything to build muscle will do nothing more.

    Necessarily in the ectomorphic diet should be found protein nutrients, a large amount of dairy products (curd, milk, yogurt), but also fish (especially greasy, like salmon, mackerel, herring). A special place on his shelf should take oatmeal and nuts, large handfuls sprinkled with salads and yoghurts. Egg protein and chicken breast fillets will be an excellent source of protein. It is worth reaching for buckwheat groats, millet and barley, which will diversify the diet and enrich it with minerals. Ectomorphics should avoid eating large amounts of fruit and fill the gap with large amounts of vegetables.

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