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One of the basic steps in planning your first diet is to define your own type of build and predisposition. According to a slightly older and quite imprecise but still used theory W.H. Sheldon in 1940 can distinguish three somatotypes classifying the type of body structure according to certain physical characteristics.

Body and metabolic types

The first is the ectomorphic type - people with a slim figure, long and slender limbs, with small skeleton and small mass both muscular and fat. Endomorphic construction is the total opposite of the previous group: a silhouette that looks round or square, and despite a large muscle mass, their outline is usually completely invisible - all thanks to equally well developed fat. Lack of physical activity and diet control leads to serious obesity very quickly in these people. The last of the highlighted somatotypes and at the same time the one we would particularly like to tackle today is the mesomorph type of construction - people who are simply created to have a silhouette on the cover or to play leading roles in bodybuilding or fitness competitions.

A Mesomorph is, as we have already mentioned, a person bestowed with perfect conditions to build a great figure. The features of men with this construction are broad shoulder and chest, which combined with a narrow waist and a small amount of adipose tissue creates the impression of building the upper part of the body in the shape of the letter '' V '' - something that most of the exercising guys dream of. It’s definitely less likely to meet ladies with the mesomorphic type of construction. They have more developed arms and back than their colleagues and slim but clearly muscular thighs. The entire silhouette can be reminiscent of an hourglass, considered a model of female construction.

Undoubtedly, the great news for all the typical mesomorphs is that the vast majority of people cannot be attributed to one particular somatotype, and the one that is spoken today is far from the least - the meso gaze therefore has little competition. The more optimistic for the rest is that almost all of us are a combination of at least two different types, which greatly increases the chances of finding in themselves some of the features of mesomorphism – and they should focus on using them.

Three body types - ectomorhpic, mesomorhpic and endomorhpic
Three body types - ectomorhpic, mesomorhpic and endomorhpic

Mesomorph – Do they need a diet?

As mesomorphics have no major problems building pure muscle mass and developing much faster than their gym buddies, and two weeks without a car and a dozen or so minutes on the road to work quickly results in reducing already so low levels of body fat, This somatotype often overlooks a disrespectful approach to proper nutrition. There are sweets, fast food, and the six pack does not disappear for a moment. Do you feel that these words may be addressed to you? - remember ... YOU'RE WASTING YOUR POTENTIAL! Naturally, there are people who are just above average and some better performance from their colleagues are fully satisfied - their business. But know that genetics bestowed on you to win top honours should not settle for trifles - you can accomplish everything!

How many calories for a mesomorph?

It’s obvious that since the effects of mesomorphic training even without a proper diet are immediately noticeable, then with proper nutrition, progress can be really stunning. Because of the fast metabolism, the mesomorphic diet is not allowed to starve - we are definitely on a high calorie diet. There are opinions that this is the only type of construction that, during a diet with calorific value that oscillates around a person's needs, is able to recreate the silhouette - a situation where we increase muscle mass while burning fat.

Here, however, we would suggest not to fall into excessive optimism and believe in miracles, enjoy the possibility of reduction without visible muscle loss and the possibility of prolonged mass cycles without pronounced fatty lesions or problems with impaired insulin sensitivity. The level of caloric value, as in every other case, should be adjusted primarily for the purpose and physical activity associated with work and training. While building muscle mass without any fears we can clearly but very gradually raise the calories - thus providing the body with excellent conditions for the development of muscle mass. Reduction of body fat, however, should not cause too many problems - already during a small deficit level of fatness usually from week to week is clearly lower.

Distribution of macronutrients in the mesomorphic diet

There is absolutely no need for the amount of protein in the mesomorphic diet to be too high. As a rule, 2g of full-value protein per kilogram of body weight will be enough for both anabolic and muscle-reducing treatments.

Every "meso" who knows what really hard workout can do for a bit more about carbohydrates. Amounts of 4-6g per kilogram of body weight for exercisers will usually not be associated with a significant increase in adipose tissue, even if a large proportion of them are from simple sugars and fruits. Carbohydrates with a fast absorption time will be highly recommended after the end of training, when we can be sure that each gram carbohydrates will feed the muscle glycogen and help make further progress.

Undoubtedly, however, there will be people for whom the supply of such nutrients after exercise will be a challenge – here, supplements may be of help. Gainers or protein cocktails with a good quality whey protein concentrate and carbohydrate in liquid form, as well as, for example, rice with raisins, will instantly replenish the essential ingredients without weighing down the digestive tract with another heavy meal.

The high level of testosterone in mesomorphs greatly predisposes them to the development of the silhouette. In order to maintain this state of affairs and enjoy the upper limit of the '' lactation '' standard without pharmacology, take care of the right amount of fat in your diet and choose the right sources that have a beneficial effect not only on the male sex hormones, but also on the entire hormonal system.

The menu should contain both saturated fatty acids derived from meat, coconut oil or eggs, as well as monounsaturated oils which may be vegetable oils - linseed, rape, olive oil but also nuts or avocados. Delivery of polyunsaturated acids usually does not pose a major problem, but taking into account the ratio of individual acids as 1: 1: 1, remembering EFAs (essential unsaturated fatty acids, e.g. omega 3). Then we can be sure that the level of anabolic hormones will work in our favour.

Among the supplements and nutrients we can recommend:


E.g.: Mutant Mass

Protein nutrients

E.g.: MZ Store - MZ Whey

Carbohydrate nutrients

E.g.: Vitargo Trec

Healthy fats

E.g.: Fish Oil Apollos Hegemony

The above-mentioned very general recommendations are, of course, above all extreme mesomorphs. Unfortunately, as we have already mentioned, people who can be assigned to one particular type of construction are extremely rare. Since mesomorphics are the least numerous part of this group, it’s also worth mentioning all those who find among themselves many of the characteristics of the somatotype discussed today. Here the range of possibilities will be much greater, and the determination of diet assumptions depending on what characteristics we can consider to be predominant in our case. Often only after a long time on the basis of the observations will succeed, but the method of trial and error is the only right at the moment we try to lay out the most appropriate for our construction of the menu.

Diet for mesomorhpic - summary

So both the Mesomorphic Gazebo and all the people who build it are a combination of 'mezo' and the features of another somatotype have a great chance of becoming the perfect figure. However, it’s worth remembering that only proper nutrition will allow you to climb to the heights of your possibilities, so a bit of luck in the matter of excellent genetics absolutely does not slow down the "necessity" of spending a few moments on the layout of your diet and implement it.

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