Diet for women – know-how!

The diet provides most of the effects, of course, it will not do without weight training, aerobic or interval training. The additional activity you choose should depend on your individual preferences. This is to be fun, not torture.


  1. Diets from television and newspapers

Lose 5 kilos in a week! "Every woman trying to lose some pounds see those words as a way out.

You will read further that you can even eat pizza, pancakes and cake! Just follow X's advice and lose weight. Unfortunately, it sounds so beautiful only on paper. In fact, you will not achieve great results.

Why are the results of these diets so miserable? They promote approaches with very low calorific value. Even if you manage to persevere for this type of diet and lose a few kilos, you will probably come back soon after eating more.

Moreover, maintaining a low-calorie diet is a sure way to get rid of muscle mass, nutritional deficiencies, eating disorders and binge eating bouts.

And because these diets are aimed mainly at women who do not train, they lose muscle when starving and then gain fat by eating too much. The composition of the body deteriorates.


Invest in yourself more time to succeed. Do not use fasting diet, eat healthy and with your head.

Instead of ready-made celebrity plans, choose unprocessed products and control the calorie content of the diet.

  1. Ignoring what is obvious and looking for magic solutions

Women very often focus on searching for one specific factor by which they do not lose weight; one product that is enough to eliminate from the diet and lose weight. They prefer this, rather than give up bad dietary choices.


Women must look honestly at their food. The food diary can help them. Instead of looking for all the ingredients, give up sweet desserts, sweet chocolate, colorful drinks, sweetened coffees.

Be more aware of what you eat, when, why and how certain foods affect your mood and appearance.

  1. Consuming pseudo healthy products

When health conscious women hear that they need more protein or fiber, many of them will go to the store and buy ready-made products enriched with these ingredients. These products usually have little to do with health, but they are rich in sugar.

Many women do not realize that sugar is hidden under many different names. Each of them is just as harmful to health. Similarly fat-free, sugar-free, high-fiber, organic and gluten-free foods can cause obesity. Because these products look healthy and are on health food shelves, they have 0% fat, fit and the like, women are tempted to lose weight.


When looking for protein sources, choose meat, fish and eggs. When looking for fiber, choose vegetables, fruits and whole grains. If you decide on ready products, always read the composition.

  1. An obsession with losing fat

Some women always seem to be on a diet. Which is strange, the same women always seem to be a little overweight.

Here's the problem most women who constantly focus on losing fat do not realize that they would become more effective in burning fat if they just had more muscles. Eternal being on a diet is not a solution! Continuous reduction of calories means that even while eating we almost lose weight. Of course, most fat loss strategies work at first, but the body adjusts after some time.


Instead of constantly reducing calories and focusing on losing fat, just eat healthy and train!

  1. Too emotional approach

Women attach more importance to food than men. Most guys after breaking the diet will just say "ups, sh*t happened" and they will work on.

It is different with women. They wonder what they have just done and have remorse. They have a feeling of guilt after breaking the diet and punish themselves by starving or training extracurricularly.

Women often function between periods of overeating and using diets. And usually there is a reason why overeating food is their tool to remove stress, anxiety, sadness, frustration or other emotions.


Find a different way of dealing with emotions. A long walk will clean your head better than a row of cookies. Powerful training in the gym is more relaxing than a bowl of ice cream.

  1. Evening and night overeating

Women who eat very little throughout the morning, nibble, often end their day with extra calories, because they make up for what they did not get before.

The combination of a high level of cortisol, exhaustion of insufficient food during the day and any other unexpected emotions becomes a ticking time bomb. In this situation, no one thinks about composing a balanced meal and cooking. We reach for what we have at hand. Sweets, bread, snacks and eat them too much.


If women were eating much more during earlier meals and prepared themselves for training, they would not have struggled so much with evening hunger and the desire to snack. Eat during the day regularly, do not go out, plan meals earlier.

  1. Not enough protein in the diet

Most women consume small amounts of protein.

If their goal is to lose body fat, it would be beneficial to use more protein than a standard gram per kilogram of body weight. Why? Because the protein is filling, it helps maintain muscle mass, helps build muscle, and the process of digestion consumes more energy. The protein has a greater thermal effect than the other two macroelements.

Women, however, usually prefer to eat a portion of meat, as for a small child, then after lunch to eat something less healthy.


Higher protein intake can have a significant impact on suppressing appetite and reducing waist circumference. Check how much protein you take and control your intake daily.

  1. Extremes associated with fats in the diet

In recent years, it has become quite common that you can not gain weight from healthy fats. We have become lovers of avocado, organic beef and butter, bulletproof coffee.

Many people fell from one extreme to the other and went too far. We need fats and you should not give up on them. Remember, however, that calories from fat consumed add up just like any other. They collect quite a lot of energy from fats quite easily, because they are more caloric than proteins and carbohydrates.

On the other hand, we still have women who are afraid to include fats in the diet. This approach is also not good.


Women need different fats, including some saturated fats, and will benefit from including Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet, which are beneficial for reducing inflammation and promoting fat loss.

Do not give up fats in your diet, but control their intake. You can gain weight from everything that we eat in excess.

  1. Extremity associated with carbohydrates in the diet

There is no doubt that we would benefit from the abandonment of scones, sweet cereal flakes and sugar, but the total elimination of carbohydrates is not recommended!

The problem with low-carbohydrate plans is that many women training on such diets have a problem with maintaining their diet, worse sports results and instead of burning - they accumulate fat. Because their need for carbohydrates is not satisfied, they are looking for saturation from (excessive) fat-filled, thick, caloric food.

The more muscle a body has, the greater its ability to store carbohydrates as glycogen. With low carbohydrate availability, glycogen stores are almost completely utilized. Instead of burning fat, we get rid of glycogen stores. The body becomes more slender, unfortunately it has nothing to do with reducing the amount of fat.


Training women who want a lean and athletic body should make space in their diet for carbohydrates, especially okołotreningowo. This will make them more effective at the gym.

  1. Eating sweets

It often happens that women eat something, just because someone gave it to them. They would never choose such products themselves. However, they have not mastered the art of saying "no, thank you". Women try to be polite and do not offend the feelings of others, by which they eat products that distance them from achieving their dream goal.


Learn to refuse more often. You do not have to eat a few pieces of cake out of politeness.


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