Icecreams from blueberries!

It's summer! They're ice cream! Of course, home without sugar. Perfect not only for people on low-carbohydrate and high-fat diets like LCHF, paleo or ketogenic , but also for people avoiding gluten, eggs and lactose. The base is coconut milk and avocado, and as an addition I used blueberries so they are creamy but also refreshing.



Wash the blueberries, clean the petioles and twigs and then blanch .

Add a dense portion of coconut milk or cream and a hollow flesh of avocado and lemon juice to the fruit. Mix the whole into a smooth mass.

Ice cream is best translated into molds. The ones that work best on us are those on a stick. Put ice cream into the freezer and depending on the size of the portion, freeze 1 to 3 hours.

Bon Appetit!



BTW total 900 g, 1219 kcal, P 14 g, F 102 g, C 82 g (including 7 g sugar). In 100 g 135 kcal, P 1.6 g, F 11.5 g, C 9 (including 1 g sugar).

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