Kebab – how many calories it is?


Each of us eat fast food from time to time. These are burgers, casseroles, kebabs, pitas, and various other snacks. While there is no problem to determine the number of calories (tables at the back of the tray inserts/data on the website) that has a McDonald’s sandwich, the calculation of calories of, for example kebab, is much more difficult.

Bread roll, chicken or beef (respectively pseudo mutton), a handful of salads and greasy sauce. It sounds simple, but not everyone can value calories amount in the right way.

Bread roll

This is wheat bread, the subject to standard baking process. Unfortunately, there are added plenty of scarifing substances – their aim is to lengthen the usefulness of the product. When we take the standard size kebeb (1/4 loaf of Turkish bread), we get a braed roll of the size of 125 grams.

Calories amount is similar to regular wheat bread:

Protein – 11 g

Carbohydrates – 70 g

Fat – 2 g

Calories – 342


Or rather its share When buying kebab with "mutton" we need to know that this is only a percentage of the whole. It is worth noting that these are third-level amounts, just about 15-25%!

The share of meat in the finished product ranges from 150-200 grams, so let's say 180... While in the case of "beef" the calories amount is as follows…

Protein – 18 g

Carbohydrates – 18 g

Fats – 36 g

Calories – 468

…then in the case of "chicken meat" it is hard to clearly define the calories amount due to the "multiplicity" of ingredients. But certainly there is an additional, large amount of fat so we can adopt a similar load of calories as in the case of "beef".


As additives are added sauces based on oil or mayonnaise. They are high-calorie ingredients, effectively pushing up energy resource of kebabs. Let’s take a garlic sauce, as a model for our calculations.

A dose of the sauce is about 40 grams. The calories amount is as follows:

Protein – 0,3 g

Carbohydrates – 3,2 g

Fats – 9,5 g

Calories – 100

In relation to vegetables we specify the calories in advance. So let us accept that ine the various vegetable mixes, sometimes enriched with vinaigrette, there is the energy of 50 kcal.

So how many calories are in our kebab?

Bread roll (342) + meat (468) + sauce (100) + vegetables (50) = 960 kcal

This energy charge is about 48% of daily calories demand in the case of a normal man! There are also added a lot of additives more or less impacting on our organism.

As you can see, kebab is a real caloric bomb, so remember about that when choosing "fast-food" next time.

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