Magnesium chelate creatine – improving the synthesis of muscle proteins


Magnesium chelate creatine is a combination of monohydrate with magnesium, which allows us to obtain the best possible form of creatine, which shows more effective action because it is better available. Magnesium is a form of helper for creatine itself, therefore taking it in this form gives much better results.

How does creatine chelate work?

Magnesium chelate creatine significantly contributes to the improvement of muscle protein synthesis, to build muscle mass, as well as to support regeneration. Thanks to supplementation with this preparation, we support the conversion of inactive ADP into active ATP, which is of great importance in the transport of ATP to muscle cells. The action of magnesium chelate creatine increases muscle energy, reduces the acidity of the creatine environment, keeping it active. The use of magnesium alone does not give so much effect as it is in the form of this compound, which is why, especially in the case of athletes, it is worth to bet on what is the most beneficial.

    Dosage of magnesium chelate creatine

    On the market, we can obtain preparations of magnesium creatine in the form of a monopreparation or as an additive in creatine nutrients. It is recommended to dose 5 g of this preparation daily, however, before the start of supplementation, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendation. Each product is a different solution, therefore it is necessary to fully adapt to the recommendations. Taking other than the recommended dose may contribute to the lack of effects of the magnesium chelate of creatine.,

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