Peanut butter, not as bad as they say

Peanut butter is, unfortunately, still an underestimated product that in some places holds a bad opinion. Often, women on a diet only notice the calories of a product, without  looking at the advantages it might have.

    Are peanut butters bad?

    Peanut butters can be great addition to breakfast's sandwiches
    Peanut butters can be great addition to breakfast's sandwiches

    Nut creams, as well as nuts alone, are high in calories, that’s correct. You must admit, however, that nuts are really healthy. They are a major source of many vitamins and minerals, they strengthen the nervous system, reduce bad cholesterol level, they have anti-inflammatory properties, they reduce the risks of heart attacks, atherosclerosis or even a stroke. They have many positive characteristics, which is being disregarded by many of us with the mythical “ah, it has so many calories”.

    How to in

    With a well-balanced diet, which will include a daily portion of nuts in form of a handful of almonds or a spoonful of peanut butter, nothing bad will happen to you. Of course, peanut butter can be addictive. Every person that tried this product knows, that it’s not that hard to forget yourself and eat the whole jar. It’s important to have a strong will and finish after one spoonful. Pick one time of the day, where you can allow yourself a portion of nuts or peanut butter. Every morning, starting from brunch, a colleague eats a handful of nuts. This includes cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, or pecans. I personally prefer to eat a spoonful of peanut butter before bed, with a portion of vanilla protein supplement. I provide my body with valuable casein protein for the night, and the portion of fat from the peanut butter makes them absorb even slower, which is really important at night.

    Fat profile of peanuts. Source:
    Fat profile of peanuts. Source:

    Are peanut butters good for diet - summary

    Do not go crazy. Know the limit, enjoy the treat and the properties of this tasty, healthy product!



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