Push-ups – the most universal exercise ever?

Push-ups are one of the most popular and the most commonly used exercises in street workout and strength training. They are used in various workouts for one simple reason - it is a simple exercise that does not require any additional equipment. How do you do pushups? How do you change your hand position to engage other muscle parties? More on this subject in the article.

Push-ups technique

The basis for making the correct push-up is to receive and maintain the correct starting position and to set the torso during deflection and extension of the arms.  Regardless of the type of push-up you perform, the body should create one line imitating the standing position, the taut stomach and buttocks stabilize the lumbar spine and pelvis.

In the classic version of the push-ups, the arms are positioned under the shoulder line, slightly wider than their width, fingers up, thumbs to each other. The movement begins with the removal of the blades, then a simultaneous deflection of the arms and elbows is performed so that the elbow and wrist create a line perpendicular to the ground.

A full movement should be made so that the chest touches the ground without loosening the body, then the same sequence is performed by straightening the arms allowing for gentle pushing the shoulders forward without rounding the thoracic spine.

How to breathe during push-ups?

The basic breathing sequence during movement should look like:

  • inhalation - during the eccentric phase, i.e. controlled deflection of the arms
  • exhale - during the concentric phase, ie the extension of the arms

The second breathing option that can be used while doing push-ups with extra weight on the back will be the so-called Valsalva maneuver. It's about doing

  • inhalation into the diaphragm before commencing movement
  • exhale only after returning to the starting position before the next breath

Such a maneuver should only be performed if there is a small number of repetitions.

What muscles work on the Push-ups?

The main and the most powerful work on the Push-ups will exercise muscles

However, by manipulating the position of the hand, body and movement you can change the degree of involvement of these muscles.

Warm-up before the Push-ups

Warm-up before doing push-ups should take into account the warming up of all joints and muscles that will perform the work - shoulders, elbows and wrists along with all the muscles around these joints.  Warming up can be done without any additional accessories.

In addition, before starting the right series, it is worth doing a few warm-ups in the same version, but for example with a smaller number of repetitions.

The effects of doing push-ups

All kinds of Push-ups can both constitute

  • the basis of training with the weight of your own body, e.g. at home, outdoors
  • addition and diversification of typical strength training

Well-planned frequency, intensity and volume of Push-ups is in the state, e.g.

  • help build muscle mass, among others within the shoulder girdle, cage, arms
  • in the case of a large number of movements - it works as the basis for endurance training
  • it perfectly influences core muscles, providing better stabilization in other exercises

How to properly do pushups?

It turns out that push-ups can engage different muscle parts for work. So how do you do pushups properly to practice specific muscles?

Push-ups for chest development

The classic setting engages the chest and shoulder muscles to work the most. The most important thing is to lead the elbows in the wrist line for the slightest bend in the elbow. This is the best option for the push-up at chest training.

The most popular push up type - chest push up
The most popular push up type - chest push up

Biceps Push-ups

It should be noted that all types of Push-ups, regardless of the width of the way the hands are positioned, lead elbows, will force the shoulder and triceps to work to the greatest extent. However, by setting the arms wide with fingers on the outside and performing deflections and shoulder extensions, the muscles of the two-headed arms are forced to work a bit more.

Triceps Push-ups

The basic version of triceps Push-ups will be a narrower shoulder-length adjustment. In addition, by doing the movement you can allow the elbow to go back behind the wrist line. Another version of push-ups that strongly activate triceps are the so-called diamond Push-ups, where the hands are placed close together so that the thumbs and fingers form a triangle in the middle. The rest of the technique remains unchanged.


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