Rice, rice, baby! A dispute about that awesome carbohydrates source!


Rice is a source of carbohydrates, appearing in almost every diet. Not all of us are aware that there are so many of its types, differing from each other not only by the taste, but above all the properties that are important for the athlete.

    At the beginning it is worth realizing that the most popular - white rice, is quickly digesting. For this reason, we can observe a rapid sugar spike in the blood, and thus a discharge of insulin. Thanks to such action, it is usually recommended as part of a post-workout meal. In other cases, it is worth choosing rice, which will release its energy gradually and systematically for a long time. Let's put on the following variations

    1. Brown rice

    Brown rice from its traditional counterpart differs primarily with a slightly nutty flavor that has its supporters.
    In addition to the taste, we can count on providing a large amount of B vitamins and magnesium, as well as fiber, which will help digestion and maintain a feeling of satiety for longer.


    1. To 1 cup of brown rice, add 1.5 glasses of water (we can use coconut water here, if we prefer the sweet taste of the dish), add a pinch of salt and cook
    2. When we manage to boil, reduce the heat and stew the rice until it softens. This usually takes up to 30 minutes.
    3. The final stage is to remove the pot from the fire and cover the leftover rice for about 5 minutes - to cool.

    2. Wild rice

    Although the rice looks really like its wild variety, it is actually grown in farms. This does not mean that we will not be able to meet this traditionally collected by hand. It is possible usually in stores with healthy, organic food.
    Originating from North America, it is distinguished not only by the taste and smell that oscillates around the smoky nutty aroma, but above all by its nutritional values.
    The choice of wild rice is a solid portion of zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, thick B vitamins and folic acid.
    The only downside can be preparation time, even up to an hour. We can shorten it by about 30%, deciding to soak rice in water overnight.

    Different types of rice. Which one is your favourite?
    Different types of rice. Which one is your favourite?

    3. Germinated rice

    Rice germinating its popularity gained due to the increased nutrient content of germinating beans. A plant preparing for growth not only accelerates cooking and digestion, softening its grains, but also has an increased concentration of GABA (gamma - aminobutyric acid), which supports the heart and well-being.
    Certainly, the position is worth attention, especially when this time we would like to save the work of the stomach.

    4. Rice Wehani

    Wehani rice differs from the others mainly by the aroma of popcorn, which appears during its cooking. In addition, it may surprise its rusted color, which is not everyone's accustomed to and slightly pulling consistency.
    Due to the high content of fiber, it is not recommended to eat large amounts before training. This also applies to previous varieties. In some cases, this could result in stomach pain or other gastrointestinal complaints.

    5. Black rice

    This Chinese-style variety has a slightly nutty flavor, which, combined with a tough texture, can tempt many taste amateurs.
    Lovers of culinary sensations and healthy nutrition should pay attention to it, because during cooking he changes his color to purplish, and the inside of grains contains anthocyanins, belonging to antioxidants. These, in turn, catch free radicals that damage the cells of our body.

    Breakfast with black rice

    - a glass of rice
    - two glasses of coconut milk
    - a teaspoon of cinnamon, ground ginger and vanilla extract
    - three tablespoons of honey
    - one mango cut into cubes
    - half a glass of chopped pistachios
    - a quarter of a glass of coconut flakes
    Pour rice into a pot, pour water, add ginger and cinnamon. After boiling, reduce the heat and stew the rice until all the water is absorbed. Turn off the fire, add honey and vanilla. Set the pot to cool and divide the portion into 4 smaller ones. Finally, add mango, pistachios and coconut flakes.

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