Tricking the brain – or how to satisfy your hunger by eating less

A properly planned reduction diet should fully satisfy your appetite. Unfortunately, getting used to eating heaty meals can turn into a problem when trying to get used to eating proper portions. One of the solutions is using a few tricks that deceive our brain.

Smaller dishes

The easiest way is changing dishes from a big to small plate. A piece of bead on a big plate will look really small, but when it’s placed on a smaller plate, it looks a little larger. It’s the same for other food. If after putting food on a big plate, you see that the dish is half empty, subconsciously you think that there’s not enough food to satisfy your appetite. It’s completely different if you look at a small place that is packed with food. It’s an optical illusion called Delboeuf effect. The correlation between the size of a plate and the amount of food has been confirmed in many experiments.

A glass of water before a meal

Drinking the right amount of fluids is important for our body to function properly. However, drinking water may not only quench your thirst, but also limit your appetite. A good idea is to drink a glass of fifteen minutes before a meal, to partly fill up your stomach. In that situation, you can sate your appetite with less food.

Eat slowly

The feeling of satiety doesn’t appear right after eating a meal. Eating food fast will therefore not make the hunger disappear right away, not to even mention other negative effects of hastily eating anything. If you eat slowly, the time between having the last bite and the feeling of satiety will be shorter. This means a lower risk that you will eat another portion or a forbidden treat.

In case of problems with excessive hunger, you can reach for supplements that limit appetite. Hunger is one of the most common reasons for breaking diet rules, which is why it’s worth trying out every method to battle it and not make losing weight more difficult.


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