Vitamins for men – which are the best?

Vitamin complexes for men are preparations consisting of specific vitamins that have a positive effect on the proper functioning of the entire human body. As everyone knows, both vitamins and minerals are necessary for life, but we must provide them. Vitamin complexes typically for men have the right amount of ingredients so that they can provide a full need for individual nutrients.


Vitamins affect, inter alia, the maintenance of homeostasis and cells hydration. They take part in energy metabolism, they are important for the nervous system as well as for muscles!. Vitamins also affect the development of the body. When it comes to vitamin complexes for men, they are aimed for active people (and not only!) Who want to supplement with the highest quality nutrients. These will contribute, inter alia, to increase of the efficiency during exercises, proper hydration, optimal energy usage, well-being and proper joints mobilization. Taking vitamin complexes protects against muscle cramps, from overweight and from too low regeneration rate. Vitamins also have an effect on semen quality, protection against baldness, or protection against too fast ageing. It is worth taking them, because their benefits are invaluable.

ADAM from NOW Foods is our recommended vitamins and minerals preparation for all men!
ADAM from NOW Foods is our recommended vitamins and minerals preparation for all men!


Dosage depends on which products we deal with. Use the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Deficiencies and Overdose

Both deficiency and excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals contribute to the emergence of many side effects associated with the action of individual vitamins. The deficiency is associated with poor lifestyle, excessive stress, intense physical efforts, alcohol abuse and poor diet. Often some specific diseases may also contribute to the appearance of deficiencies of certain vitamins. As for the excess, it usually appears in a situation where we consume larger quantities of supplements than those recommended by the manufacturer.

Recommended product

Among the various products available on the market, it is worth reaching for vitamin complexes for men, which contain in their composition as much as possible of the necessary nutrients, in this way we have all-in-one type of product.

One of the most interesting preparations is Adam Now Foods. It is a supplement containing various vitamins, supporting the body's work and increasing its efficiency. It will improve well-being, sexual function, heart function, concentration and many other body functions.

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