What and how to eat during weight loss diet?

The first question during the weight loss diet recurs like a boomerang - what to eat on the reduction? How to lose weight effectively and, most importantly, long-lasting without yo-yo effects? How to get rid of troublesome body fat?


Vegetables are the perfect stomach filler, as they contain a lot of water (especially fresh ones) and a lot of fiber. Water and fiber are your best allies in weight reduction. Often excessive body weight is caused to some extent by water retention in the body, just increase the number of vegetables in your meals, drink enough water and you can count on losing a few pounds. How much of these vegetables should we eat? As many as possible! The normal amount recommended as the bottom line is about 300g for each meal. So remember to look at your meal before you eat it and think if you have the right amount of vegetables on your plate.

Healthy sources of fat for cooking

The method of cooking also matters and even more so what type of fat you use to cook the food. Olive oil is unquestionably the best product, both for hot and cold consumption. For cold salads, you should use flaxseed oil, rich in omega 3 acids, and for hot salads, you can also use clarified butter or rapeseed oil.

Whole grain bread

Pastries should be set aside during weight loss, as they burden your effects. All kinds of yeast, white rice, wheat bread, confectionery, light pasta are prohibited products on the weight loss diet. A simple change is to replace them with dark bread, brown rice, coarse cereals, whole grain products, rye pasta. Such products have a low glycemic index, contain a lot of fiber, and will leave our body in a state of satiety for much, much longer.

Good sources of protein

Protein is the building block for your muscle mass. You need it, especially when you're reducing your weight, so that your body doesn't gain energy from muscles but rather from fat reserves. It is worth remembering this, composing your meals in such a way as to include high-protein products such as dairy products, cottage cheese, eggs, lean meat, marine fish rich in omega 3, legumes, or nuts.

Herbs and spices

Another very important element of the healthy diet plan. Often people when undergoing a weight loss diet complain that when they stop eating processed foods, everything is tasteless. The reason for this, not infrequently, is forgetting to season foods correctly. Best with herbs and spices that speed up metabolism.

How to eat during weight loss?

Thanks to specific meal times your body will, after some time, start to ask for meals on its own and it will be more difficult for you to skip another meal and consume too many calories at night. It is best to eat according to your own rhythm, but regularly at fixed times of the day. So that your body can be sure that it always gets food and doesn't have to put anything away to spare.

Start keeping a food diary. This can be done on your phone, as a file on your computer, or in a notebook on your desk. Write down everything you eat so that it is easier for you to catch the mistakes you make. Writing down will additionally motivate you to change, and watching your body will allow you to go through the reduction not only effectively, but with the recovery of strength and health.

Dietary supplements during weight loss

Remember to support yourself with dietary supplements. Vitamins, but also probiotics can be helpful. Often disrupted bacterial flora can cause weight problems.

In our climate zone, vitamin D supplementation is nearly essential for everyone. During this period when there is little to no sun, we are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency. You can check here if you are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency.

Chromium picolinate is another ally of weight loss reduction, it helps to reduce cravings for sweets, regulating glucose-insulin metabolism.

It is worth taking care of fiber not only from the diet, but you can additionally help yourself with fiber supplementation.

Reduction is a prelude to maintaining the desired weight for a longer period of time and, consequently, living a healthy life. It is worth remembering about proper supplementation with omega 3 acids, which are responsible for repairing and anti-inflammatory processes in our body.

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