What causes yo-yo effect and how to avoid it?

Not all people who have been able to get rid of excess pounds can enjoy a slim figure for a long time. Many people experience a nasty problem, which is undoubtedly yo-yo effect. This concept defines the body weight fluctuations, that is, gaining weight after weight reduction.

One of the most common reasons for yo-yo effect is too much weight loss. Doctors and dieticians advise not to use fasting and very restrictive diets as a weight-loss method not just because of the health risks but also because of the high probability of gaining the weight back. Those kind of diets are a big shock to the body, so after that it stocks extra fat, in case we start starving ourselves again. Moreover, a very restrictive diet leads to our metabolism slowing down, as well as hormonal imbalance, which further encourages the accumulation of fat after returning to normal diet. Many people try to come back to a proper diet gradually to get the digestive system to get used to it properly. Unfortunately, the effects of such activities are not always satisfactory. It is therefore worthwhile to reconsider fasting, considering both the yo-yo effect and the other problems that may arise from it. Instead of using a diet designed to quickly reduce weight, it’s better to set a goal of losing 0.5-1kg per week. There is also a choice of diets that need to be eliminated from the menu or a significant reduction of one of the macronutrients. Both carbohydrates and fats play an important role in our body, so you can not give them up for an extended period of time, but after the diet, the demand for them can be even greater.

Regardless of which diet you choose, it’s advisable to get off it gradually. It’s a good idea to increase your daily calorie intake by 100 per week so that your body can get used to the new way of eating. It’s also important to think about which dietary habits should not return. Ending a diet should not mean going back to eating hearty supper or eating fast food, because that situation it will be difficult to keep the weight down for a long time.

The risk of the yo-yo effect can be reduced also by proper physical activity. Exercise speeds up metabolism and speeds up weight loss. After a few months, activity can become a habit, so after completing the diet it will be easier to keep the results we achieved.

You can also help with some dietary supplements. Dietary fiber is worth noting, as it promotes the metabolism, while also giving the feeling of satiety, thus preventing snacking. If dietary supplements were used during weight loss, then the principle of gradual withdrawal should also apply.

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