What supplements should be taken during exercise?

When planning workout supplementation usually we focus on the support of the body before exercise. Preparations such as pre-workouts are grown in popularity due to the fact that their action can be practically felt after 20-30 minutes after consumption, giving immediate effect. Therefore training people willing to reach for products of this type to get pre-workout "kick-off' to training to be more efficient. Each of us likes feeling when you invest in the product, and it works from the first portion, is not it?


    However, we don't need just pre-workout formulations. More and more in the minds of trainees appears to support the idea of supplementing ​​the body during training or after its completion. Not only is it important whether we have the strength to train. Similarly important part seems to be what will happen during it or after. The problem is not pre-tweak our ability to exercise, however, muscles must constantly receive energy and fuel to ensure that those at increased speed to operate.

    Supplementation during exercise - whether it actually makes sense?

    Asking yourself whether supplementation during training makes sense, we should first of all be guided by the nature of the effort. If we are talking about heavyweight training session, nutritional support for our muscles appears to be justified, and sometimes even necessary. However, not only the heavyweighters will reap the benefits of this type of supplementation.

    What should be target of Intra workout supplement?

    Optimum hydration - products for use in training are preparations of ingredients which, in combination with water gives us the solution isotonic. This means that the liquid sipped on training in this form will effectively supplement the water levels in our body, so the body will work more efficiently.

    Protection of muscle tissue - with the amino acids supplements containing BCAA supplement protects muscle tissue from catabolic reactions, nourishing them and maintaining at an optimum level of performance.

    All Day You May from 5% Nutrition is just perfect Intra workout supplements, containing whole range of supporting ingredients like BCAA, carbohydrates and glutamine!
    All Day You May from 5% Nutrition is just perfect Intra workout supplements, containing whole range of supporting ingredients like BCAA, carbohydrates and glutamine!

    Increased endurance – it should be achieved through proper hydration, supporting the effort by providing energy and amino acids. It has been proven that the BCAA amino acids are able to sustain the effort more efficiently, and hence, the training activity is more effective. What's more, the addition of BCAA effectively suppresses muscle pain, which is useful in the period of intensive training efforts.

    Minerals - the isotonic drink has in its composition an optimal dose of minerals, which determine the optimal functioning of the nervous system, and as we know, it is responsible for how the muscles will react to the effort and recovery after its completion.

    Energy boosting - with carbohydrates contained in the composition, the body is fuelled with easily available energy that automatically supplies the working muscles.

    Providing special ingredients like creatine, which are designed to supplement creatine phosphate and accelerate the recovery of energy in the body, which results in accelerated regeneration rate.

    Then how do we find that the supplement work?

    Typically, the use of supplementation in training will manifest itself by maintaining an optimal level of energy. What does it mean? That is to say that while supplementation of intra-workout products you shouldn’t feel the decline of energy during exercise. People using support during training, pay attention to the fact that they are able to perform a full training session, without typical symptoms of fatigue, tiredness and lack of motivation. The entire workout is performed as intended, even in the final phase of training, we are still able to give out the power to the lifts!

    The body during a training session has easy access to energy in the form of glucose, BCAA or creatine.

    What does this mean for us?

    Well, in the case of strength training, if we rely on anaerobic exercise, there is a phenomenon called “energy shutdown”. Our body begins to draw energy not only available in the form of triglycerides, but it starts to take for our muscles, emptying them of glycogen, water and consequently amino acids. When it comes to the phenomenon of catabolism of muscle tissue, our regeneration greatly increases. Intra workout supplementation is aimed to prevent the acquisition of energy from muscle proteins, which translates into faster recovery. Faster regeneration, in turn, gives us the opportunity to carry heavier training.

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