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Protein Cream Protein Cream 200g
Biotech Usa
4.36 €

Protein Cream

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Shipping weight: 250g
Sugar free
No gluten
4.36 € With VAT
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  • Cocoa cream with the addition of whey protein
  • Recommended for people leading a healthy lifestyle
  • As much as 17% of the protein content
  • Free from gluten and palm oil
  • No added sugar

BioTech Protein Cream is an excellent cocoa cream with peanuts; it is a source of whey protein that will work well with sandwiches, cakes, and desserts. This product constitutes a delicious, healthy variation to the daily menu.

Whey protein is obtained from whey arising during the production of cheese. It is an excellent source of well-absorbed amino acids, including BCAAs. It is often used by athletes whose aim is to build up muscle and lose unnecessary fat.

17% of the protein content
The whey protein contained in the product affects the initiation of anabolic processes within myocytes, which contributes to the development of muscle mass. What is more, whey protein may accelerate muscle recovery after exhausting workouts and strengthen bone tissue, reducing the risk of injury. All of this makes accelerates and facilitates achieving a dream figure.

No added sugar
The product does not contain the addition of simple sugars that increase the glycemic index of a meal and, when consumed in excess, have an adverse effect on the body. Thus, the product is suitable for people who limit sugar intake in their daily diet.

Cocoa cream has been created to fit the needs of people with celiac disease, who – forced to give up on gluten in meals – can also enjoy the extraordinary taste of this product.

A healthy choice
The cream is distinguished by the lack of preservatives and palm oil. Thus, it is a healthier alternative to similar products available on the market. Therefore, by choosing BIOTECH cream, you take care of your body by not providing it with unnecessary, harmful compounds.

In conclusion, BioTech Protein Cream is a perfect solution for lovers of sweets and a healthy lifestyle at the same time. It is especially recommended for athletes and physically active people.

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