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Choco Hazelnut with whey Choco Hazelnut with whey 500g
Smarty Snacks
10.97 €

Choco Hazelnut with whey 500g

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10.97 € With VAT
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  • Nut and chocolate cream free from sugar and palm oil
  • Contains the addition of whey protein concentrate
  • Based on coconut oil and hazelnuts
  • No salt added

Smarty Snacks Choco Hazelnut with whey is a well-known combination of nut cream and chocolate in a healthy version, free from palm oil and the addition of salt and sugar.

The combination of hazelnut cream with chocolate has led to a revolution on the confectionery market, introducing a characteristic, sensational taste resulting from mixing chocolate sweetness with nut fat. Unfortunately, the vast majority of products of this type are based on low-quality fats and a large amount of sugar, which is why they are (rightly) perceived as a dietary sin.

Smarty Snacks has responded to the needs of health-conscious consumers by offering a nut-chocolate cream that does not have to be considered a "cheat meal". The core of the product is coconut oil, valued for its content of MCT fatty acids, as well as hazelnuts, providing health-promoting unsaturated fatty acids. At the same time, this product is free of palm oil.

The chocolate part of the product is obtained with reduced-fat cocoa combined with a sweetener commonly perceived as a healthier alternative to sugar, maltitol. As a result, the product has a lower glycemic index than products sweetened with sugar and glucose-fructose syrup and also provides fewer calories. Maltitol is also resistant to temperature, so the cream can be used for baking dietetic cookies.

An important feature of this cream is also the addition of whey protein concentrate in the composition. As a result, the cream is not only a guilt-free supplement but can also be incorporated into the diet to increase the supply of protein.

To sum up, Smarty Snacks Choco Hazelnut with whey is a well-known combination of nut cream with chocolate in an innovative, sugar-free form, free from palm oil and increased protein content.

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