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Frying is still of the most popular forms of food processing, especially meat. Bodybuilders and athletes claim that they cannot imagine life without immortal omelets. There is no reason for us to give up the pleasure of savoring fried foods, even when we care about health and figure. The only thing you should pay attention to is the kind of fat that you use in the kitchen.

Specialists suggest that fats containing mainly saturated or monounsaturated fatty acids should be chosen for frying. It is also worth paying attention to the so-called smoke point, i.e. the temperature at which harmful compounds begin to form, making the fried food lose both the taste and the nutritional value.

The real culinary hit are frying preparations in the form of a spray. They are prepared on the basis of various fats – rapeseed oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and clarified butter. Due to unique production technology, they are practically free of calories and fat. The products are ideally suited to people on restrictive diets. They are very economical and comfortable to use.

Our offer includes a wide selection of the best fats for frying. We offer both zero-calorie products in the form of a spray and high-quality clarified butter. They are a better and safer alternative to popular lard or margarine. Cooking sprays will make you enjoy your favorite fried foods even on the most restrictive diet.

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12.89 $

Low-calorie plant oil for grilling in the form of a spray. A guarantee of excellent taste without sticking.

9.99 $

Low-caloric product that enables to enjoy the taste of fried dishes without the usage of fattening fats.

12.89 $

Innovative product, ensuring almost fat-free cooking without changing the taste of the meals prepared.

from 7.86 $

A non-caloric preparation for frying in the form of a spray. It prevents sticking. Lack of intense taste.

Bio Ghee Butter Out of stock
11.83 $

Perfect substitute for cooking fats; rich source of vitamins and fatty acids.

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Cooking Spray
Cooking Spray Discontinued
Wellsley Farms
7.36 $

Easy to use, low-calorie spray for frying foods. It contains no fat, soda and cholesterol.

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Olive Oil
Olive Oil Discontinued
7.89 $

A non-caloric preparation for frying in the form of a spray. It prevents sticking. Lack of intense taste and smell.

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soy oil with flour in spray
soy oil with flour in spray Discontinued
4.73 $ 3.13 $

Soybean oil spray with flour. Ideal for baking cakes, cookies, waffles. Easy to clean baking mold.

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rapeseed oil in spray
rapeseed oil in spray Discontinued
4.21 $

Low-calorie rapeseed oil in spray. It provides no sticking of dishes. Contains lecithin.

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olive oil in spray
olive oil in spray Discontinued
4.21 $

Extra virgin olive oil in spray. It contains rapeseed oil and lecithin.

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